101 Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Perfect Wedding

When it’s a big day for your friend because it’s her wedding, it’s the big day for you too as you are going to be her bridesmaid. When it’s your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect, from your hairstyle, makeup, wedding dress, decorations, guests to your bridesmaid style. Here, in this article, we have 101 amazing bridesmaid hairstyles that your girlfriends would fall in love with these hairstyles. We have the bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair, short hair, medium hair, and every other hair types. Keeping in mind that you can have different nature of hair and you would like different styles, we have come up with the most fantastic bridesmaid hairstyle for you. We assure you that you would have a favorite hairstyle added to your list as you reach the end of this article.

It’s a big day for you as well along with the bride, so bridesmaid, be sure to pick up the best hairstyle for you. Usually, brides select the style for their bridesmaid. Therefore, if you are a bride wanting everything to be perfect at your wedding or you are the bridesmaid looking for the hair inspirations or ideas, we are here to help you out. We have beautiful bridesmaid hairstyles, brace yourself to discover the perfect hairstyle made for you.

Add Curls And Flowers

bridesmaid hairstyles

This hairstyle is simple yet beautiful. This hairstyle is for the one with long hair. Make the top sections of your hair by making a pouf and twisting certain parts as shown above and add flowers to your hair. Weddings are all about flowers, decorations, and happy vibes. So, you can also decorate your hair with the flowers. After that, curl your hair form the midlength to the ends of your hair. The combination of brown and honey blonde hair is looking beautiful as always.

Simple Messy Updo

If you are someone who prefers something classy and straightforward then, this hairstyle would be perfect for you. The blonde highlights give a beautiful texture to your hairstyle. Make a medium pouf at the front section and then make a beautiful and voluminous bun as she has.

Braids And Bun

Take a front part of your hair to make a simple loose braid as shown above — secure another part of the hair and the twist to create a medium bun.

Two-sided Fishtail Braids

Take two sections of your hair at the front to make two fishtail braids as shown above. Stop braiding in midway and tight two braids with a rubber band. Tie two braids to make one section and make another braid out of that section. Make amazing curls on another part of the hair. Your hairstyle would look exotic.

Add Beautiful Hair Accessory

This style is for the ladies with long hair who opt for short hair looks. You can make your long hair appear short with this hairstyle. Put on a beautiful hair accessory as shown above to beautify your bridesmaid look.

Flaunt Your Flings And Make A High Bun

She looks stunning in that makeup, dress, and hairstyle. If you want to get this look then, let your long bangs rest at the front, make a high pouf and a high bun. This style is clean and classy.

Two-Sided French Braids

This hairstyle is looking fantastic. This may be your bridesmaid hairstyle for your bestie’s wedding. Do the middle partition of your hair and separate it into two parts. Make french braids out of both parts and at the end, make a low bun out of those braids.

Crimped Bridesmaid Hairstyles

This hairstyle is for African American women. As you have naturally crimped and voluminous hair, you can make the most out of this hairstyle. Highlight the top section of your hair with blonde color partially. Sweep all your hair at one side. Make a high pouf out of your crimped hair. Secure your hair to make a low bun afterward.

Wavy Twists

You can look beautiful in black with this hairstyle. Add waves to your hair as she has. Take a section of hair just above your ear and twist it and take it beside your other ear and secure it with a bob pin. This hairstyle is simple and easy to carry out.

Braid & Rolls

What’s significant about this hairstyle is the hair accessory used, braid made and beautiful rolls. The hair has amazing golden blonde highlights.  Make a pouf and add a braid as shown above. You will dazzle with that beautiful hair accessory.

Braided Half Crown & A Low Ponytail

To be a beautiful bridesmaid, you do not have to do much, just put on this super easy hairstyle, gentle makeup, and a beautiful gown.

Low Beautiful Bun

The chocolatey brown hair color is looking vibrant. Make a braid at the back of your head and a low bun. Add a fantastic hair accessory as shown above. Pick up a matching dress and a piece of neck jewelry to enhance your beauty.

Bridesmaid Hairstyle For Your Bob Hair


Do the side partition of your hair. At one side of the barrier, make a braid as shown above. Do a gentle makeup and a beautiful white dress to match up your bridesmaid look.

Braided Coil Hairstyle

This hairstyle is edgy and sophisticated. Create a medium pouf at the front of your head and braid your hair in such a fashion to make a coil at the back of your head. You would look unique and beautiful with this hairstyle. Make sure to do mild makeup and a beautiful white gown to wear at the ceremony.

Carefree Bridesmaid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is for the bridesmaid who prefers to look carefree and at the same time gorgeous. Do the middle partition of your hair. Flaunt your wavy middle parted bangs and make a low bun, securing all the hair at the same place.

Side-parted Wavy Ponytail

Side part your hair. Take the first few sections of your side-parted hair and reconcile it with a flowery hairpin. Now, make a low ponytail. Add waves to your ponytail to look as gorgeous as her.

Look Stunning In Black

You can look amazing in black at your bestie’s wedding. A simple hairstyle like these, as shown above, can make you look beautiful. A short crimped hair can look beautiful even if you don’t do anything.

Creamy Pastel Low Voluminous Bun

These are the three pastel hairs with blonde and ash colored hair. The hair looks amazing. Make a low voluminous bun. You can add braids to your bun as well to enhance the elegance of your bun.

Side-Parted Bangs & Side Braids

Leave your side-parted bangs, add side braids to your hair and make a beautiful low bun. This hairstyle is looking amazing. You can also look fantastic in this hairstyle.

A high & Classic Bun

If you like it open, make a high bun as shown above. Braid the front section of your hair and tie it around the bun to give an edgy style to your bun.

Massive Curls

Take a large section behind your ear to make a braid, secure the hair with a beautiful hair clip. Keep all of your hair at one side and look beautiful.

Long Lusty Hair With A Gorgeous Side Braid

The side braid is looking gorgeous on her. Her hair is long and lusty. Ashy highlights on her hair are looking amazing on her hair.

Four Bridesmaid

Here, there are four bridesmaids wearing a purple gown and having the same hairstyle. The bride is looking amazing, and so are the bridesmaids. They have made a large side bun and are wearing a beautiful hair accessory.

Ponytail Style For Bridesmaid

Ponytails can be fitted on any occasion. She is looking great with that ponytail. If you love ponytail looks, then go for this hairstyle for the wedding ceremony.

Twisty Updo & Rolls

This hairstyle is for the bridesmaid with long hair. The honey blonde highlights in her natural blonde hair are looking marvelous. Take two sections above your ear and twist both of the sections towards the back of your head to meet at a point. SEcure the twisted sections with bob pins. Roll the ends of your hair to create a majestic look like this.

Crown-Made Up OF Natural Flowers

Just leave your natural hair as it is and wear a flowery hair crown like this to enhance the beauty of your style. A simple crown like this can make your style even more adorable.

A Simple Low Bun

You can style your hair like this, with a simple low bun. If this style suits your face, you will look effortlessly beautiful with this hairstyle.

Ocean Waves With Twisted Updo

The waves on the hair are looking rich and glorious. You can make a low pouf, have twisted hairdo and let your hair waves work its magic.

Let Your Beautiful Hair Open

Many bridesmaids have looked amazing with their hair open. The three bridesmaids shown above has wavy hairs which are side-parted or middle-parted. The hair is let open, and they are undoubtedly looking fantastic.

Fishtail Braid

She is looking gorgeous in a fishtail braid. She has worn a beautiful hair accessory to add up to the beauty of her hairstyle.

Loose & Long Fishtail Braid

If you have very long hair and want to look amazing as a bridesmaid then, try fishtail braid. With loose and long fishtail, you are sure to look amazing. The color of her hair is wow!

Beautiful Hair Clips

The luxurious hairclips are the hair accessories which can make you look all ready to attend a wedding event. Make a hairdo as shown above and use those sparkling hair clips to secure the hairdo — pair beautiful earpiece and neck piece with this style.

Easy Hairdo

This style has medium length hair. The hair has beautiful curls and rolls. Do this easy hairdo to look stunning in your bestie’s wedding.

Beautiful Hair Accessory

The hairdo in this hairstyle is simple and ordinary. What’s extraordinary about this style is the long and beautiful hair accessory that she has worn. The hair accessory is making her look royal and majestic giving princess vibes.

Orangey Flower Crown

Wearing a flower crown like this will complete your bridesmaid style. This type of flower crowns are in trend, and they are sure to add beauty to your style.

Simple Yet Classy

Her hair is black and so is her dress. The wavy bangs at the front and the high and voluminous bun are making her appear classy and elegant. If you want to be a classy and elegant bridesmaid then, do not miss this hairstyle.

Another Fishtail Style For Bridesmaid

She has side-parted her hair and has made a low fishtail braid. She is looking simple, but at the same time, she is looking beautiful.

Braided Styles

The braids in her hair are looking gorgeous.

Waterfall Braids


Here, we have seven ways to style your hair in waterfall braid. The hairstyle looks amazing. This is one of my favorite hair braids. It makes you look elegant; your hair looks beautiful. I recommend you not to miss this hairstyle.

Braided Bun

Make flat braids and use those braids to make a bun like this. You are sure to look amazing.

Gorgeous Hairdo

This is a gorgeous hairdo with a beautiful hair accessory used. The hairstyle looks terrific on her. You can also look amazing with this hairstyle.

Short Curls

You can curl up the ends of your hair to make short curly hair like hers. Sweep all part of your hair to one side and add a white rose to your hair.

Rolled Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the loved hairdos at any types of events. Even for weddings, ponytails work as one of the best hairstyles. She is looking beautiful in the ponytail. The hair of the ponytail is rolled that adds beauty to the style.

Beautiful Hairdo

This is a beautiful hairdo for bridesmaids. Look at the richness of the hair. It is looking fabulous. This hairstyle is for the bridesmaid with long wavy hair.

Braided Crown For Bridesmaid

This is another famous hairstyle that bridesmaids love. Make a braided crown in your head and then let your long wavy hair open. You are sure to look amazing.

Crowns of Leaves

The crown made up of green leaves is looking beautiful on her. You can also go green and look beautiful with this crown.

Elegant Style For Bridesmaid

This is an elegant style for bridesmaids. You can be elegant in this style. Be the most elegant bridesmaid.

ZigZag Hairdo

This is the short hairstyle with the zigzag hairdo and the rolled ends. This hairstyle looks beautiful with those rolls.

Clean Low Bun

The low bun looks clean and nice. The hair accessory adds glamour to this hairstyle. Be the glamorous bridesmaid with this hairstyle.

Flowery Bun

The bun is made in such a way to give it a shape of a flower. The ombre hair with blonde and black hair is looking fantastic. Be the gorgeous and beautiful bridesmaid ever.

Modern Style

This is a modern style for bridesmaid where wearing a white dress is not mandatory. The hairstyle of this bridesmaid is simple yet beautiful.

Braids Paired With Low Bun

You can always pair braids with bun, and it will look splendid as she is looking.

Another Bun Style

This is another bun style. Bridesmaid look beautiful in any bun style.

Waterfall Braid In Curly Hair

The waterfall braid in long and curly hair is looking beautiful. One of my favorite hairstyle for bridesmaid is waterfall braid.

Side Braids

With the side braids, you can also add different flowery hair clips, which would enhance the beauty of your hairstyle.

Luxurious Curls

The bun is looking magnificent with those luxurious curls. Loose up your hair at the front and the bun a bit. Let your wavy bangs give you an edgy look.

Simple Bridesmaid Hairstyle

These are the simple bridesmaid hairstyle. The two bridesmaids have black hair, and the other two have black hair with blonde highlights.

Soft Curly Bridesmaid Hairstyle

She has soft brown curls. The fancy hair clip has added elegance to her hairstyle.

One-sided Bridesmaid Hairstyle

She has golden blonde hair with short fringes. The hair is curled to make rolls. The hair is pulled at one side and styled with the fancy hair clip. Put on a bang on makeup with this hairstyle, neck piece and pick a beautiful black dress. You are sure to look amazing.

Lazy Braided Ponytail Bridesmaid Hairstyle

If you are the one who doesn’t want to give much time for your hairstyle then, this bridesmaid hairstyle can be an option for you.

Simple But Cute Style

This hairstyle is simple but cute. This wouldn’t take much time, and at the same time, it would make you look adorable in your bridesmaid dress.

Soft & Silky Rolls

This hairstyle looks amazing. Keep side-parted bangs and separate your hair into two parts each rolled to give beautiful shape to your hair.

Two Styles

Here two styles for bridesmaid are shown. Pick whichever you like the most.

Side Braid Style

Here, this hairstyle has side braid. Adding a side braid can make your hairstyle edgy.

Braided Crown Paired With A Low Braid

She has a braided crown which is paired with a low braid.

Three Elegant Styles

All of the given three hairstyles are elegant in their way. Select whichever you like the most. With these hairstyles, you can be the most beautiful bridesmaid in the wedding ceremony.

Straight Hair With Curly Ends

The hair color looks good. Curl your hair from mid-way to the ends of your hair and do a simple hairdo as shown above. This won’t take much time, but it makes you look fantastic.

Side Bun Style

The side bun is looking nice on her. This hairstyle is super easy. Side part your hair and make a side bun. It is a comfortable and beautiful hairstyle as well.

Princess Style

With this hairstyle and the dress, you would look like a princess. To be the gorgeous bridesmaid, do not miss this overall style.

 Stunning Style

The hairdo of this hairstyle is looking gorgeous. This style is slightly complex as there are many elements in this hairstyle. The side braid enhances the beauty of this hairstyle.

Sleeky Low Ponytail

She looks magnificent with the sleek hair. Do the middle partition of your hair. Gather the hair to make a low ponytail.

Low Bun Styles For Bridesmaid

The low bun style is an easy hairstyle for bridesmaids.

Graceful Style For Bridesmaid

This hairdo makes you look graceful. With the right makeup and right dress, this hairstyle would look gorgeous. Get ready to turn heads in wedding event with this hairstyle.

Low Fishtail Braid In Orange Hair

Keep side-parted bangs and make a low fishtail braid. The orange color of the hair looks vibrant.

Add Hair Ribbons

In the long and beautiful white and black ombre hair, she has added a beautiful hair ribbon to make a bow shape. The brown ribbon looks to on her hair.

Charming Style For Bridesmaid

The pairing of the crown braid and a bun is looking beautiful. The flowers add glory to this hairstyle. I highly recommend this hairstyle if you want to look charming and beautiful bridesmaid. Even if you do not have long hair, you can always use wigs to get the desired hairstyle.

Add Salmon Pink Ribbon

Take a small section of your hair at the front of right and make a simple braid. Similarly, take a small part of your hair from the left side and make a simple braid. Secure two braids into one by using a salmon pink ribbon.

Fancy Hair Band

Make a low bun and leave a section of your long wavy bang. Add a fancy hair band as shown above. This hairstyle is simple and at the same time looks beautiful.

Three Beautiful Hairdo

Here, three beautiful hairstyles for bridesmaid are given. Each one of them looks gorgeous. Pick the one which you liked the best and dazzle on the wedding day.

Rolled Bangs Style

The bangs are rolled, and a low bun is made. This is a sophisticated style which makes you look edgy.

Beautiful Hair Accessory

The hair accessory is the most attractive feature of this hairstyle.

Style Your Hair With Ribbons

You can also use ribbons to style your hair. Styling your hair with ribbons would look something like this, and it seems impressive. Isn’t it?

Wavy Bangs Style

If your short hair like this, you can style your hair like this. Make your bangs wavy and flaunt your short hair.

Twisted Hairstyle For Bridesmaid

This hairstyle has beautiful curly hair which is twisted to make a cute hairdo. If you have a long naturally curly hair, it would be easy for you to get this hairstyle.

Two Strands Twisted Over Each Other

Take two strands from the front section of your hair at one side, cross them over each other. Do the same on another side until both strands meet at the midway.

Amazing In Orange

She has a beautiful hairstyle. The orange hair looks fantastic in this sophisticated hairdo. If you want to look unique, try this bridesmaid hairstyle.

Crimped Bridesmaid Hairstyle

You can crimp your long hair to create this beautiful hairstyle. Be the unique bridesmaid breaking the popular bridesmaid hairstyles.

Add Flowery Hair Accessory

This hairstyle would be best for the bridesmaids who opt for a simple and beautiful hairstyle.

Four Different Hairstyles

Four bridesmaids, as shown above, have their unique way of styling. Whichever you think would look best on you, pick up that one.

Two-toned Braid

She has a unique side braid. The most significant feature about this hairstyle is the two-toned hair; her hair has a mix of ash & blonde color.

Rich & Gorgeous Side Braid

The side-braid is looking gorgeous. This is for the bridesmaid with the long and thick hair. The blonde hair when side-braided is looking fantastic.

Creative Style

This style is creative. Have this original hairstyle and be the most creative bridesmaid.

Decorate Your Hair With Flowers

Decorate your hair with flowers. Both of the hairstyles are looking glorious. Undoubtedly, the flowers have added beauty to their hairstyle.

Simple Updo

This hairstyle is for the ones with black hair. Do this simple updo and wear a matching earring.

Another Waterfall Braid Style

This is another way of having a waterfall braid.

Side Braid Style

If you have a long wavy hair, side-braid will look amazing on you.

Side Bun At It’s Best

The side bun with side-swept bangs is looking gorgeous on her.

Another Fancy Hairstyle

This hairstyle is fancy because of the hair accessory that she has used. Pieces of jewelry usually look good for wedding events.

Edgy Hairstyles For Bridesmaids

Both of the above hairstyles would look edgy on you.

Two Styles

You can either let your hair partially open or do a complete updo. The choice is yours!

Traditional Bridesmaid Styles

This is how the bridesmaid used to style themselves back in the 80s. If you like their styles, then you can bring back the traditional vibes mixed up with a modern touch.

Add Hair Jewellery

Both of the given hairstyles are different from each other and at the same time are beautiful in their ways.

Frontal Braids Style

The braids at the front, the side partition, and a low ponytail, make this hairstyle beautiful.

Side Braids & Low Bun

The pairing of side braid and a low bun is looking magnificent in her hair.

Add Small Flowers To Crossed Over Strands

To the crossed over sections of the hair, add small flowers as shown above to give your hairstyle a beautiful twist.

Complex Hairstyle On Two-Toned Hair

This is a complicated hairstyle. She has two-toned hair which is another attractive feature of this hairstyle.

Wear Crown Of Flowers Or Add A Bridal Pin

If you want to keep your hair open, add a crown made up of flowers or if you want to make a low bun, add bridal pins. This would enhance the beauty of your hairstyle.

Bubbled Braids In Ponytail

Her hair is long and curly. The bubbled braids in a small sectioned ponytail are looking gorgeous on her. You are sure to stand out with this hairstyle.

Crown Braids

She is looking cute, gorgeous and charming in this hairstyle.

Simple Style

This is a simple hairstyle. Add flower like shown above to add more to your hairstyle.

Twist The Braids

Make a low braid and twist it to get a new hairstyle.

Two Styles

You can either have a braided bun or let your hair open. Both of these hairstyles are looking gorgeous.

Twisted Updo & Braided Updo

The twisted updo and the braided up both look fantastic on your long and curly hair. If you have long and curly hair, pick up any of the above hairstyles.

Open Your Hair

Let your hair open and flaunt your gorgeous wavy hair. You can be the most beautiful bridesmaid with your open hair.

Make A High Bun

Make a high bun. Do the middle partition of your hair and keep a middle-parted bang.

Elegant Styles

Both of these styles are looking elegant. Add elegance to your bridesmaid look with these hairstyles.

Poufed Style For Bridesmaid

Make a poufed hairdo for your bridesmaid look.

Beautiful Braided Style Or Bun Style

If you like a braided style, go for the first style and if you are into bun styles, the second style would be perfect for you.

Style For A Long Hair

If you have long hair and have much time to do your hairstyle, you can go for this hairstyle.

Braid At the Back & Front

Both of the styles have braids. You can go for whichever style you liked the best.

Add Blue Flower In Pastel Hair

She has pastel hair which is looking beautiful with that blue flower.

Model Style

This style cannot be carried out by everyone. If you think you can carry it, try out this model style as your hairstyle at the wedding.

Pixie Bob Bridesmaid Hairstyle

If you have a pixie bob, style it like her to get a bridesmaid hairstyle.

Banana Yellow Hair

Color your hair banana yellow to get this hairstyle. This hairstyle would look great on you.

Half Fishtail Braid Paired With Low Bun

Make a fishtail braid up to a certain length and pair it with a low braid as shown above. This hairstyle would look best on ladies with straight hair.

Large Crimped Waves

It is one of the traditional hairstyles. Make big waves in your hair with the help of crimping irons.

A Modern Touch To Open Hair

You can give a modern touch to your open hair. If you like to keep open hair, do a little hairdo as above to look edgy.

Variety Of Hair Accessories

To enhance the beauty of your bun, you can add a variety of hair accessories and hair clips.

Twisted Hairdo & Braids

This hairstyle has many twisted sections and braids. Observe the picture to get this hairstyle.

Twists In Bun

You can beautify your bun hairstyle with a side braid or twisted sections.

Make Flowers With Your Braids

She has beautiful pink hair. She has made many flowers with her braids. A bow is also made with the hair.

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Another Traditional Style

This is another traditional hairstyle.

Add A Beautiful Hair Clip

If you wear a beautiful hair clip like hers, you can look beautiful even with no fancy hairstyle.

Twisted Hair Styles

This hairstyle is easy to do. Make your long, curly ombre hair look beautiful with this hairstyle.

Half Braided Crown Paired With Fishtail

Make a half braided crown and pair it with a fishtail. This hairstyle is looking gorgeous. It is easy and comfortable for a summer wedding.

Beautiful Curls

The curls are looking beautiful in this hairdo. Do similar haircut to look beautiful in your bestie’s wedding.

So, to conclude, these are the 101 beautiful bridesmaid hairstyles to make you look lovely in the upcoming wedding event of your friend. You should look at your best as a bridesmaid.