110 Absolutely Stunning Braided Ponytail Looks

Ponytails are one of the many classics from the hair industry. Like seriously, there isn’t anyone in the whole world who doesn’t know what a ponytail. A basic ponytail is pretty simple to do. All you got to do is gather all your hair together and set it with a hair tie. If you’re tired of walking around with those primary high or loose pony and want to add a bit of pizzazz to them, you can work with both braids and pony at the same time. These braided ponytail styles we’re talking about are pretty versatile.

Although doing simple ponytails are like evidently smooth, it doesn’t mean that any kind of ponytail look is easy to do. I mean, they’re not as tricky as styles of braids or high maintenance like updos and buns. But, they may be a bit tougher to do if all you about hair, is having them, letting them loose and putting them in ponytails or messy buns. So you should work out some basic and fancy braided ponytails in your day to day look.

braided ponytail


There are a number of ways you can style these ponytails. We’ve listed down 110 splendid braided ponytail looks; you should try.

Underhead Braid with Faux Band

If you’re all about that energetic motorcyclist lifestyle, or even just about the fashion, this is your simple go-to hairstyle. You can braid your lower part hair into a high pony covered with a single strand (for a faux band leader look).

Dutch Crown Pony

Dutch crown braids are a great style to make your natural hair stand out. They make your natural hair pop out (literally). You can put your dutch crown braids into a low pony for a put-together look.

Voluminous Braided Ponytail

This voluminous braided pony is one of those styles you’ve seen on a high schooler. Either it is a formal dance, prom, or homecoming, this one is a classic style for them. All you’re supposed to do is do a french braid, then loosen it up a bit and put it into a pony.

Hairtie Bubble Braid for black women

This faux bubble braid is one of those “baddie” hair looks you might’ve seen all over your Instagram feed. They’re sleek on your natural hair and just require a few hair ties.

Double Loose Braids

Double loosehead braids is a breezy winter day look. Put two loose dutch braids extending from the crown of your hair are put into a low free pony and Voila! You’re ready to rock.

French Braid Side Pony

This light french braid side pony is a classic one for many teenagers. They’re easy to do, quick, and help you get the fun casual look.

Numbered Fishtail Pony

Fishtails are the most sophisticated looking yet easy to pull off braids. A numbered fishtail low pony sticks right with a chic floral look.

Braided Mohawk

This braided mohawk is a perfect style for a punk yet soft-girl look. A single puffed up high braid is all you need to put on to rock this rockstar look.

Low Single Side Braid

Light hair colors are somewhat challenging to stand out. But a single braid to the side is a style that makes bright colors stand out. Braid a single plait from the lower side and secure it into a pony.

Jumbo Cornrow Braids

Cornrows all on their own are a sharp look for a hair. When you put these jumbo cornrows into a chunky fishtail pony, it’s a fashion statement.

Open Fishtail Braids

This loose open fishtail braid is a classic beach style pony. It’s also a classic artsy girl hair look.

Twisted Half Long Braid

A twisted long half braid is classic office wear and soft-girl hairstyle. It’s effortless to do. All you should do is twist your hair from the crown to the back, then braid it into a single plait and then secure it with a tie halfway along the end.

Messy Side Braided Pony


A messy pony itself is a classic Tumblr-girl look. It’s summery, it’s flowy, and it always looks good. It looks even better when secured with a loose fishtail braid.

Triple Mini Pony Braids

Now, This is something we’d want to try to rock. This pastel mix of mini ponytails transitioned into long braids looks sophisticated but is rather easy to do. It’s all about doing some ponytails.

Twisted Braided Ponytail


Everyone looks great with a sleek ponytail. And, with some even more sleek twists to the pony,  you’re also ready to walk the runway.

Loose Braided Messy Pony

A loose braid and a messy pony are two of the best casual hairstyles. And they mixed creates a naturally gracious look.

Box Braided Pony

Box Braids are one of the most famous hair braid looks. This braided box pony is low maintenance and a pretty athletic look.

If you want to try out some more cool box braided styles, you can check out our previous article.

Double Dutch Pony

Double Dutch braided pony is a classic high schooler look from the 2010s. Even if you weren’t also in school during the time, you probably tried to work in this beautiful style. It makes your hair look more textured.

Double French Braided Pony

This double french braid morphed into a single low pony is the look for an artsy girl aesthetic. It’s casual, comfortable, and great for every occasion.

Triple Braided Side Crown

A triple-braided crown in a beautiful and natural look to achieve. All you are supposed to do is braid three loose french braids from a side part and then secure them into a pony swept to the other side.

Lemonade braids for black hair

Lemonade braids are one of the most fabulous hairstyles one can wear. Long braids put into a high pony look gorgeous, are comfortable and low maintenance.

Subtle Mohawk Braid

Not everyone can rock an actual mohawk, but one can try, and good look in an at least subtle mohawk braided pony. It’s stylish, easy to do, and comfortable.

Overhead Braided Pony

Overhead braid looks like an overhead tiara on your head. And, an overhead braided pony shows of the hair textures and brings out your style.

Chunky Braided Pony

Chunky Braided Pony is a classy braided ponytail style. It’s the hair look you should try out for the next formal work event.

Messy Single Braid

This Messy Single braid is an artistic aesthetic braided ponytail style. It is a perfect hair look for the next beach wedding you go to.

Low Effort Diagonal Braid

A low effort diagonally braided ponytail is the style you’ve probably seen on any high schooler for an “athletic” day. It’s loose, comfortable, and low maintenance.

Twisted Bun Fishtail Pony

This hairstyle has been a handful to name. There’s so much “fabulous” going on with it. The mohawk inspired twisted bun, which had transitioned into a mini wrap around fishtail pony, is something a punk rockstar would rock.

Five Strand Dutch

As tricky as this five stranded dutch braid looks, it looks like a gazillion times more magnificent. And on to top that off on silver hair is *chef’s kiss*.

Crown Braided Short Pony

This beautiful braided overhead crown is a god sent for you if you’re working with growing out those annoying bangs. And it’s easy to do as well. All you have to do usually is braid through the inside and try to french braid the plait from the outside.

Laced Two Ponytail braids

We won’t say that this beautiful updo is subtle or anything because we all see how dramatic these gorgeous mini braids are laced up together. If you want to try out this hairstyle right now, go for it because now’s the time when the style isn’t limited to the basics.

Messy Wrapped Dutch Pony

Dutch braids are usually the looks that make you look put-together. But a little contrast to the basics never goes wrong. A messy dutch braided pony goes for a great casual, formal look.

Loose Braided Half Pony

A half braided ponytail is one of those classy yet innocent looking hairstyles that just suit everyone. For a glamorous addition to the look, a few messy braids go great.

Loose Twists

Loose twits ponytail is an effortless hairstyle that looks both well maintained and effortless at the same time. A mix and match of some beige to with this style goes excellent.

Messy Braided High Pony

This messy braided pony is precisely like the braided styles I would search on Pinterest. And anything we get from Pinterest is all about that future and classy lifestyle. So this hairstyle is all that.

Mixed Braids

Braids all on their own are pretty outstanding. To mix them up with other styles of braids is visionary. All I’m trying to say is, this basic french braid matched with a fishtail is beautiful.

Triangle Section Pony

This quadruple braids put into a knotted pony is literally “the look.” It’s the whole package: It’s casual, chic, classic and even a bit punk. To attain this style is simply braid four half sectioned dutch braids and then secure them into a single pony on top.

“Love” Braids

Yes, I know the name of this stunning does sound a bit phony but doesn’t the fit exactly? This entire hairstyle speaks “romance.” The two loose plaits from the crown are tied into a half pony, which is covered by a heart-shaped knot.

High Pony Fishtail Braid

As sophisticated the high pony fishtail braid looks, trust me. It’s not. If you didn’t know what a fishtail braid was, here’s a revelation for you; It’s just a four-stranded plait. This plait looks magical on light hair and looks even better with some pretty earrings.

Messy Braid with Waves

Beach waves are one of the few hairstyles that look fabulous with any type of hair. And since both messy braids and beach waves are two artsy yet beachy looks, they combine pretty well together.

Chunky Top Plait

This look is something Kaley Cuoco probably has worked into at least one episode of the Big Bang Theory. And haven’t we all wanted to look like a dream-chasing young girl in LA?

Double Topped Braid

This snake-like looking plait is an effortless style to work out. It’s just a mini braid topped on a heavy dutch braid, but yet it manages to put us in awe.

Brown Braided Ponytail

If your hair is more to the darker side, like mine, you surely know the struggles of your not being able to accessorize your hair. This single lengthened braid with loose pony helps us brunettes, get the look.

Butterfly Plait

This beautiful butterfly plait gorgeous. It looks effortless yet irresistible. And, it works for a vintage-chic vibe.

Blonde Double Dutch

We all know that our fellow blondies don’t have it easy in the name of hairstyles either. Most styles on blonde hair have been worn well by everyone, so by this time, they’re kind all over. But not this one. Blonde Double Dutch braids are a classy and a baddie hair look.

Feed in braids ponytail

Talking of baddie hair looks, here comes another one. This well-polished mini braids put into a wrapped long pony is classic feed in braids looks ever, which will never go basic.

Top Knotted Plait

Now, this is something we expect queen Katy Perry to rock (as usual).  This Top Knotted long plait is a pretty royale looking style. This style looks even better when sleeked and topped off with accessories.

Faux Shaved Braids

These mini dutch braids are done to the lower side of hair help you achieve the suave side shaved look you’ve always wanted to rock but been too scared to commit to.

Bubbly Braided Wraps

Talk about a cuter hair look! This pony is all that pretty and very basic to do as well. Secure your hair up into a high pony and then wrap them up with mini french braids.

Multi Braided Pony

I’d make a joke about this style, but I seriously can’t because of how ravishing it is. Now, if you’re not used to with braids, this might be a kind of awkward for you, but it’s not as sophisticated as it looks. It is one of those styles you could wear at your wedding. Everything about it speaks “bridal.”

Side French Braided Pony

Since we’ve come so far along, there’s no hiding that one of the reasons we love braids is because they help us beat the heat. These braids put into pony type of hairstyles, all, are comfortable in every way and look chic.

Overswept Braid Pony

These crowns and tiara-like hairstyles never tire our eyes. They’re splendid any way that can be done if you feel a bit “fancy” if can even secure it up with a pretty bow on top.

Crochet Long Braid

Everything queen Bee decides to put on or get into itself becomes iconic, just like this crochet long single braid. The teeny box braids have been top knotted and then stretched into a long braided pony.

Basic Braided Ponytail

Funny how we’ve managed to talk about like highest level complicated styles but still haven’t talked about this beautiful basic pony. I mean, like this is the style that started it all. It’s just a high pony braided into a single plait.

Dutch Braid with Pony Curls


Braids and heavy curls are one of the best hairstyles duos. We’ve got nothing to say because these styles worm well to compliment each other.

Heart Sectioned Pony Braid

When it comes to hairstyles, a little drama never hurt anyone. It looks not that difficult and all, but it helps to add something to the entire look you put on with it.

Half-Sectioned Braided Pony

A half sectioned high pony with a single plait is a unique addition to the usual high pony with a braid. The only difference is the sleek added section.

Transitioned Ponytails Braid

We all know hoe Chrissy Teigen always rocks super fancy styles on red carpets. And this transitioned pony plait is one of those. It looks sophisticated, yet is easy to do.

Mid Part Side Plait

A middle-parted side french is a fresh take on the messy plait look. It is a causal freestyle hair look.

Floral Side Wave Braid

This floral side braid is just a simple loose side braid topped off with decorative accessory. It’s a good look for a classic beachside wedding.

Triple Loose French Braid

This triple loose braided ponytail goes for a great punk style hair look. It’s all about braiding some loose plaits on top of the head secured into a pony.

Open Hair Lacy Braid

Styling your hair in a faux “lacy” style looks extremely beautiful. And it can even be styled with any cute floral clip.

Punky Casual Pony

Let’s be real, many of us got into the braided ponytail look hoping to look like a punk rock style chick. And this might be the exact style that got us into the look.

Silver Braid Pony

Silver hair has been our past Tumblr selves, and our current selves’ most favorite hair looks of all time. Styling it with a simple pony braid elevates the whole hair color.

Soft Caramel Braid

Caramel Blonde is an excellent color for hair. It’s versatile and looks great with any style of braid and helps to flatter the twist. These puffy soft plaits look stunning on the pleat as well.

Classic Half Braid

This classic half braid is one of the founding braided ponytail looks. It’s straightforward and is a go-to casual style.

Multiple Braids with weave

This multiple braids with weave looks like something a “mafia girl” would pull off. It’s the entire pack; it’s dramatic, sophisticated, and surprisingly fashionable.

Champagne Blonde Double Braids

This champagne blonde double braid is a super fancy yet casual looking chic braided ponytail look. The parts of the look as a whole are flattering to each other.

Long French Braids

Long french braids are something that’s been around for quite some time. It looks casual, sporty, and is easy to do.

Textured Dutch Pony

The textured braided dutch ponytail is a simple summery hairstyle. You just braid your hair the other way around than what you’d do for a french braid and loosen it up for a messy look.

Single Braid with Bumped Ends

Bumped ends were a classic sleek look during the 90s. Styling your braided pony with bumped ends gets you the elegant 90s look.

Side Braided Sleek Pony

A sleek pony is a pretty formal hairstyle (which looks super smooth with an elegant suit). A single side braid helps add a pop of style to the entire look.

Braided Pony with Bandana

Now that Bandanas are back into style, maybe try it to style them with those simple braids. With the right patterned bandana, you can also get the vintage look everybody likes.

Messy Fishtail

All braided pony-related messy styles make great looks. They’re all great looks for all types of occasions and settings.

Half Loose Dutch Braids

A half loose double dutch braid is one of those classic Tumblr hairstyles. It’s effortless to do and looks pretty aesthetic.

Criss-Crossed Plait

This criss-crossed single plait is one of the prettiest looks for girls who like to play with their hair and styles. It’s even better when topped off with a small sweet bow.

Mid Part French Braided Pony

This mid-parted french braid is a great basic look. It’s also great for a school girl style.

Basic Loose French Braid

The basic loose french braid is a classic. It’s excellent for every backdrop and every setting; you name it!

Sectioned Single Dutch Braid

A clear sectioned single dutch braid is a handful of a style name. But, it’s pretty comfortable and chic to do and as a look. It’s all about braiding a single plait from the crown and let lose the rest, which is then secured.

Mixed Shaded Braids

Styling your braids is not only about the style but also about the shades of color you’re able to rock. The mix of similar shades of a single color flatters your entire look and the braids themselves.

Natural Box Braided Ponytail For kids

Natural box braided ponytail is a great protective look for sensitive natural hair. It can be styled better with some hair beads and accessories for an even better look.

Puffed Fishtail Braid

A puffed fishtail braid is a switch to the classic mohawk based braided ponytail look. It’s one of those looks great for a chic motorcyclist look.

Baguette  Knot

This baguette knot braid is a fabulously sophisticated braided style. It looks confusing, but it’s stylish as heck. It’s merely one of those styles that help you make a statement.

Messy Fishtail Pony

This messy fishtail pony is a great teacher vibe look. It’s soft, subtle, and sweet.

Fishtail Bubble Braid

Up until now, you’ve probably understood that mood fancy braided ponytail looks are just simple twists on the basic ones. And so is this fishtail bubble braid. Don’t feel shy to style it with a matching hair clip.

Side Messy Pop Braid

Side braided messy braid is just a different take on one of the essential braided ponytail looks. It’s a perfect look for mostly sweater weather.

Pastel Roses

A subtle mix of pastels on hair, itself is a marvelous eye-catching look. And to add a braided set of roses, this style can’t get any more elegant.

Side Braided Wavy Pony

A side braided wavy pony is a classy look great for both formal events and occasional ceremonies.

Mini Section Braids with Edges

A mini sectioned braids, itself is a completely stylish look that has been put into a high, wavy ponytail. The made edges add more definition to your entire look.

Covered Fishtail Braid

This subtly covered ponytail braid is somewhat of a mysterious hair look. Braid a half fishtail plait, and then cover it with a crossed wraparound ponytail.

Quintuple Braided Ponytail

This quintuple braided ponytail does seem kind of over the top, but it looks pretty sophisticated. It’s a simple combo of five simple french braids tied into a high pony.

There’s no setting or backdrop that these ponytails can’t work with. They’re perfect for casual events, a day at the office, party, dates, and even schools. They look sophisticated, are low maintenance, are easy to do, and make your entire look, seem put together.

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