110 Outstanding Box Braids And Ways To Style Them

Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably know what box braids are. If you still don’t, let us clear it out for you. Box braids, basically, are a whole fashion statement. Whatever your aesthetic or whatever your style is, you can definitely pull this off. They have become prominent everywhere the mainstream media reaches and are usually worn elegantly by black women who rock these beautiful plaits in every occasion and/or setting. These braids go great with every backdrop. Whether you’re going on a date, an event or even a month long trip, box braids are the way to go.

These braids can be styled in every possible way you can imagine and even beyond. They aren’t only sported for style, but, they’re also worn as protective hairstyles. If you’re a low-maintenance gal, you’re in luck. They don’t need to be managed on a daily basis, or at least for two months whole, once they’ve been put on.

In this article, we’ve gone through 110 stunning and versatile box braids for every aesthetic, look and style.



Bob Side Streaks

box braids
Box braids are all about playing with your hair. Just think of your natural hair as a canvas and colors as your supplies. Add a pop of streaks with opposite colors like Auburn, blonde, or golden to your natural hair. With colors and a complimenting length of bob, you are sure to rock those braids.

Red Beaded Braids

We know accessories go with literally everything. While box braids all on their own are cutting edge, topping them off with accessories like beads and rings is simply icing on the cake.

Short Bob Box Braids

Only “fax” will be stated if we say that every Riri fan or not has opted for a short bob in their life (and probably rocked it). Just like that, short bob braids also help to compliment your facial features.

Space Buns Braids

Now you might say that space buns are too “Tumblr-y”. But come on, we all still have at least a bit of our Tumblr selves who can definitley kill these box braids put into space buns.

Jumbo Top Knot

If you’re a queen in heart, you might want to opt for this royal- looking Jumbo topknot for your next official event, date or even a night out with the girls.

Basic Long

If we’re to be real, “Basic” never hurt anyone. Putting your hair into these simple looking long braids bring out your innocent looking self.

High Pony Twists

High pony is the ultimate look for you if you’re too tired too look well-put but need to look so. Tie your twisted box braids into a high pony for a chic look.

Thin Pulled Back 

Half pulled back hair is probably the most innocent- looking hairstyle anyone could pull off. If you’re feeling kinda sweet on a day, definitely go for this style.

Clean Top Bun

If box braids are too fun and casual for you, then put it into a sleek clean bun and you’re ready to walk.

Medium Bob Braids

Don’t wanna say we have a favorite, but we do.These simple middle parted medium bob braids look elegant on anyone.

Fearless Pop 

If you’re kinda impulsive (like us) and like changes, but are not ready to commit to a change in color, we got you. Spice up your braids with multi-colored threads such as blue or purple.

Burgundy Hair Color

“Oof” is just what this picture speaks. The burgundy hair, those thick braids and the accessories make THE look.

Black and Red braids

If you want a look for a formal “red and black” theme just walk away with these complimenting red and black braids.

Half-up Bun

These heavy braids put into a half bun give your badass self a badass look. Don’t be shy, do it more.

Under Shave Bun

Not everyone can pull off looking badass but at least one can try. This under shave haircut with the braids put into a jumbo bun makes you pop.

Maintained Single Streak

Trying to embrace your inner e-girl? Well then, this single colored streak braid look is the way to go.

Clean Top Braids

These high top box braids help you make a statement. They give you a clean and sleek look.

Middle Part

These mid part long box braids help bring out and recognize one’s innocent and chubby looking facial features.

Geographic Buns

Now these types of braids are definitely worth all those hours on a stylist’s chair. Those details, all alone are sure to turn heads.

High Braids

Put up your jumbo braids with wide sections into a half open bun and channel your inner goddess.

Natural Roots

If you’re looking for a look that represents a new you but also shares some space for your old one, this is the one. Do colored braids while letting your roots live naturally.

Violet Turn Crown

Violet and Blue are two co-complimenting colors. Mix them up with black and into a massive turned crown for a queen-like look.

Side Part Crowns

Side parts are like the potato of hair. They’re pretty versatile. Part your braids on the side and do your thing while looking dapper.

Formal Bun For Girls

For a clean and sophisticated box braids look, you should definitely go for and chunky bun with thin braids.

Open End Curls

This open end curls look speaks volumes. Try this style for a uptight, yet, loosened look just as yourself.

Long Braids

Everybody likes to show off their long and healthy looking braids. And you should too, because this style, is EVERYTHING.

Silver Ombre Braids

Haven’t we all wanted to rock some silver on our hair but just weren’t sure how we’d style it. Well, don;t think anymore! Just go for this silver ombre braids.

Thin Braids

While the thick braids might be kinda difficult to manage, these thin braids are much easier. Plus, they are much easier to put into different other styles.

Single Threaded Braids

If you are a person who likes “just a hint of” everything, try it out with your fancy braids as well. Add a single stranded thread on a single braid for a chilled look.

Loose Blue Ends

A dash of blues (or a bunch) is always a cool look. Try this loosened blue ends braids for a more casual and outgoing style.

Numbered Chunks Braids

Fewer number of braids look kind of “cleaner” and can be easier to maintain. So, if you’re a low maintenance girl, go for it!

Complimenting Colors 

Hair and hairstyles are all about expression. And if you are a bold and exciting girl, go for these pastel complimenting braids.


Colored Hair Bands

You should try adding every bit of color you can to your plain braids, ’cause, honey, colors on braids could never go wrong.

Vintage Styles

You’d be lying if you said that 90s weren’t your thing, because 90s style and fashion look beautiful on everyone. Try this vintage looking braid and channel your “Poetic Justice” Janet.

Side Sweep Half-Puff

Don’t you just get tired of all those usual basic hairstyles? We do. So, why don;t we try something different for our braids. Sweep half of those braids to the side and puff ’em up.

Complete Puff

If you don’t want to go for the half sweep puff and rather go for a complete puff, go for it1

Natural Roots Bun

Showing off your natural and your bold side of styles all while looking casual-formal can’t be pulled off by everyone. But you, definitely can. Try out this bun with color also showing your natural roots.

Side Parted Twists

Twists braids always have your hair looks very different and well-groomed. Try out his side parted twists braids and achieve the different and well-groomed look.

Sectioned Box Braids For Kids

There’s always something so fulfilling about sectioned box braids. Don’t you agree? Sectioned braids can help you get the crisp and dapper look you want.

Cross Sectioned

While basic sectioned braids are well-dressed, these cross sectioned braids are more fun and help to show off your outgoing persona.

Heavy Thin Braids

Want to achieve the heavy braids look but don’t want to work with those thick braids? Get them pencil-thin braids and get that heavy hair look.

Casual Bohemian Box Braids

I think we can agree that not everyone can be Zoe Kravitz. But we can sure go for this fun casual box braid look .

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With Brown Hair Color

Box Braids aren’t only about the hairstyles, but also about the shades and colors of hair. Brown hair help those braids of yours get a pop.

Highlighted Braids

Adding opposite colors to your braids is one of the ways to go. They look very complimented and well- groomed.

Chunky Half-top Bun

Get those chunky ad heavy braids of yours into a half top bun for a ready-to-go look.


Accessorizing your hair has never been wrong and will never be. If you get bored of your beautiful braids, add any shiny accessory to it and simply enjoy the look.

Bulky Braids

Not everyone can handle and pull off these jumbo and bulky braids. But, if you can, definitely go for it, girl.

Mid Length

Hair length plays a huge role in making your braids look good. Since not everyone can pull of short length of box braids or long length, mid length braids might hold a chance to look bomb since it is the basic midpoint.

Basic Side Sweep

If you’re bored of styling your braids with the basic partings and don’t like to style your hair, just do a basic side sweep.

Multiple Twists

Mini twists braids make you look well-dressed and well-put.

Perfect Picture

Now, is it even for real if you don’t click one, two or a whole bunch of pictures with your perfect new braids? Try out this clean and well-put box braids with perfectly set edges to achieve a picture-perfect look.


Every time you or anybody else sees you with your braids, the immortal words, “because you’re worth it” should be uttered. And to achieve a Pantene model-like look , you can match your shiny braids with a gold make-uo look.

Straight Open Ends

If you want to let your hair breathe freely while in braids, you can try to open the ends of your braids loose and have them straightened.

Caged Braids

These caged braids look ready and well-prepared for a stunning gala or even a formal party. Put top half of your braids (alternately) in a half-pony for a classy cage look.

Purple Highlights

Colors make everything go off. And adding to your hair does so with your personality. Get your hair into braids with both your natural hair and an opposite color.

Multi Sectioned

If you don’t want the “hair let-gone” for yourself, you’d like this multi-sectioned box braided style. Add some rings and hoop to the style and you’re ready to pop off.

Brown Braids

Brown on hair just has something to it. The color brown helps to embrace ourselves from the within. And to get that ’embraced” look try out brown hair braids.

Heavy Twists

If you feel like those tiny twists look to congested, maybe you could go for thicker twists on your hair You could opt for these heavy twists box braids.

Healthy Box Braids Half Pony

Braids of medium size are and look more well-defined. If you want a well-defined and well-put look, try this medium-sized healthy braids put up into a half pony.

Blonde Highlights

Blonde and Black on hair are two completely different colors. They work well with the other to stand out.

Lateral Half Pony

If you want to look like a grown woman and also have a bit of your childish self, go for braids put into a lateral pony. This look gives off serious 80s vibes but still looks as stylish.

Crisscross part

Even only your parting only can make a huge difference in styling your hair. Crisscross parts with braids is great if you’re going for a calm and casual look.

Casual Half Bun

Looking for new styles for your braids can be a handful. So, why not just go for a basic style that also looks good, like the casual half bun.

High Double Buns With Edges

We all love how FKA twigs looks in every form. Well you too, should try this pretty high double buns which she is pretty much rocking. Add some wavy clean edges for a photogenic look.

Grey Color

Don’t you just love grey hair? Just how cute cottage core and goth it looks. Add some of it to your pretty box braids as well.


Beach waves are something we’ve always liked and looked good it. Set your perfect box braids in beach waves for a fun trip look.

High Pony Braids

Put your braids into a simple high pony for a no-effort and well-put style.

Triple Colored Braids

We all love how pretty pastels look on hair. Put your multi-colored pastel hair in braids and bring out your inner tiktoker.


Braid in some thick threads in your hair and flaunt your well-maintained thick braids for a more casual-formal look.

Green Braids

Green in hair is one of the most stylish looks one could pull off. Add some heavy braids into your green hair to show of the color.

Double Sweep

For a casual princess look, opt for a double half side sweep and then clip it up at he back. Then you’re good to go.

Rectangle Sections

Not everyone likes Mathematics and when you add some of into your hair, it’s just plain diabolical. But, some geometric shapes as sections for your braids is a pretty neat look.

Caramel Braids

Caramel Brown just shows off the natural beauty of one’s hair. And, when you add some pretty braids to it, it’s endgame.

Low Side Part For White Girl

Low side part for a your braids isn’t that difficult of a fashionable style to get it. And also, it makes your features defined.

Long Top 

Long braids make ever girl look extremely beautiful and when we say that, we aren’t lying. Get going with your basic long braids.

Accessorized Braids

Add some hint of bling to your braids and you’re done. This is the most casual and disco hairstyle get with your braids.

Cross Sectioned Colors

Copper Red color brings out the shine in your hair and reveals your internal 2010 self.

Sectioned Braids

The perfect sections is one of the reasons why we love box braids. There’s something so comforting about it and also it looks pretty perfect.

Cornrows Braids

If you find those simple basic braids kinda heavy for your head, maybe you could go for cornrows braids. These braids accord a summery vibes.

Jumbo Bun

Put your braids into a jumbo bun for a more appropriated and bedazzle it with some accessories and add some hoops for a stunning look.

Heavy Crown

If you’re looking for a 50s-60s energy hairstyles, like the ones for a dance party? Well, you’re in luck. Put your braids into this heavy crown and dance your way to the center stage.

Arm Length

There’s just something about mid length hair that goes with every aesthetic, style and look. It make you look well-managed and helps embrace your jawline features.

Pop out braids

If you want a hairstyle that’s both dramatic and calm, you should try this pop off box braid.

Multi Colored Braids

This multi colored box braid gives your hair more for less. Maybe you could mix it up and add different colors to different sections of braids or even strands.

Professional Twists

“Professional” might be sound bit weird for a hairstyle but bare with us. These twists are quite sophisticated and with some “nerdy” glasses, you’ll get a sophisticated and formal look.

Loose Ended Twists

Twists on hair look good on everyone and in every look. And by styling it with some loosened waves and curls, you’ve just made all the rage.

Blonde Braids

Everyone loves some “Blonde” in their hair. We’ve all tried to get some blonde into our hair, but might’ve been a bit (or a lot) scared to do so. But just look at these inspirations and get influenced because it’s a decision you won’t regret.

Mega Half Bun

We’ve mentioned braided buns quite a few times in this article. But, why shouldn’t we? Buns are quite a good style for box braids and look great with some accessories and rings.

Silver Streaks

Box Braids aren’t only about those mini plaits. Add some highlight and/or streaks of silver or grey to it.

Light Breeze Braids

Put your braids into a half bun. Wait.. that’s not it. Let go off the half pony and loosen it for a flowy hair look.

Single Colored Braids

While braiding your hair, use a single strands of threads for every single braid you do. This style compliments both your braids and the styles you do with it.

Russet Brown Braids

Russet Brown might look like a normal shade of brown but I kid you not- it isn’t. This shade of brown goes well with every type of hair and hairstyle.

Model-like knotless Braid

These 90s inspired box braids is one of our favorites and with some exactly fitting jewelries you’ll get the prefect look.

Highlights with Accessories

We’ve been through braid styles, braids with colors but the key to styling your braids also depends on your overall styling. You can jazz up your box braids with some hoops and nose ring.

Mini Twists

Mini twists look insanely great on people who can pull it off. Let us tell you, not everyone can pull it off but it is a great way to style your hair with different highlights.

Shoulder Length

There’s something about shoulder length of hairstyles that help to embrace your objective features. Add some friendly glasses for a cute librarian look.

Twisted Dreads

Twisted Dreads look marvelous when you’re trying to go for a vintage look. Style it with some similar style of clothing and you could walk the runway.

Soft Look Braids

Simple is just perfect. For a softie aesthetic look, style your braids with pastel make-up style.

Overhead Tiara

Crown looks and Tiara looks on hair look pretty royal. They work well for many types of setting like a formal even or even a fun date.

Light Section Braids

If your not quite uptight but like looking so, you should try to go for a casual sectioned low-maintenance braids and on’t be scared to style it with some hoops.


Purple braids, if styled with the right clothes, can help you attain a pretty athletic and sporty look.

Light and Dark Shades

For a cool look. style your light shade braids with some bold eye-catching dark lip color and maybe a smokey eye.

Blue Beaded Braids

The 3 ‘B’s create an amazing look. The Blue, the beads and the braids are all the rage.

Heavy Twists

Twisted Braids are one the classiest hair looks for any type of setting you work it into.

Schoolgirl Braids

If you’re missing your old schoolgirl looks, maybe you could go for simple straight-sectioned double braids. Add some pretty bows if you like.

Copper Highlights

Style your pretty braids with a mix of copper hair color and you’re ready to rock.

Although putting on these braids time consuming, it is worth it. The long hours of sitting on a salon chair surfing through your phone doesn’t even seem like anything once you go out donning those fantastic braids.

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