90 Trendy and Fashionable Blunt Cut Bob Styles

Throughout the years of growth and development in the fashion and hair industry, those called to be a tad bit much, or too little, or even bland and boring have now been turned into one of the most versatile styles to wear when it comes to today. And the blunt cut bob is one of those overlooked hairstyles that has falsified any critique about it being plain and bland.

A bob hairstyle is a hair look between short-medium hair length that is usually cut in some form of a geometrically straight line and sometimes even with a set of blunt or simple bangs. Anna Wintour has been wearing this classic form of bob/ blunt cut bob style for a very long time. The history of bob hair goes quite a few decades back, maybe even a century. While it did receive some backlash during the conservative old times, during the late 1800s, it’s fame turned out just fine in the next few decades. Models and stylists starting opting for this marvelous cut, and it’s prevalence in the fashion industry hasn’t looked back since.

While the focal part of doing a blunt cut bob is to chop off a significant length of one’s hair, we know how big of a commitment it can be to work with. You may fear that the style may not turn out to look as good as you imagined on you, but there’s no need to worry about those types of stuff. The blunt cut bob is a versatile style that looks stunning over most face shapes and elevates your facial looks.

And if you’re looking for some extensive level of inspiration for the look that speaks to you, here we have gone through quite a few fashionable styles.


Diamond Blunt Cut Bob with Soft Bangs

blunt cut bob

Since having and maintaining healthy and long hair can be a difficult task; a stylish and comfortable style is what you should pick up on when you get the chance. This blunt cut bob with soft bangs is the perfect short hair for you if you like looking mature.

Naturally Rooted Straight Platinum Bob

A straight platinum bob is a classic short bob hairstyle. And the best thing is that it still looks uptight and sophisticated while it is rather basic.

Caramel Highlighted Long Bob

The long bob/ lob is one of those few lengthened haircuts that make any look pop off. And caramel highlights are the other things that could be added to your beautiful lob for an enhanced look.

Swift Side Parted Short Bob

Short hairstyles such as pixie cuts or short bob are among the trendiest styled women right now. These sorts of swift blonde short blunt cut bob look amazing of any skin tone and style.

Rose Gold Fluffed-Up Bob

Rose Gold has turned out to be the ultimate color in the fashion and style industry. And why shouldn’t it be? Just look at this gorgeous rose gold fluffed-up bob. While the bob itself is a put-together cut, the rose gold helps add an even more level of style to it.

Natural Wavy Blunt Cut Bob

Staying natural with your hairstyles can never go wrong. If you’re bored with your natural hair because it’s too simple for you and wants to jazz it up a notch, chop it off into a wavy blunt cut bob. Add some streaks of light highlights if you’re feeling extra fun.

70s Mom Blunt Cut Bob

Mom hairstyles are definitely not something we can work out, so let moms do that. This 70s mom blunt cut bob is a classic mom bob around for a few decades now. The bangs and the layers add a hint of maturity to the whole look.

2000s Mom Bob

This 2000s mom blunt cut bob was the 2000s classic mom look, and not gonna lie; it is rather stylish when known how and what to style it with. This style is good for mature people looking for a casual and refreshing look.

Ginger Jaw-length Bob for Natural Hair

Ginger is a basic-looking shade of blonde but boy! is it fashionable. A short blunt cut bob on ginger hair can seem like too big of a commitment by hey, it is worth it.

Modern Ashy Blunt Cut Bob

Ashy hair colors are totally in right now. From young people to middle-aged people, everyone loves these sorts of looks. So spice up your straight blunt cut with some ashy shades and highlights for a fun style.

Heavy Layered Bob

There’s no denying that getting textures on your hair can be a real big deal for some people. And, if you’re looking for a style that helps you do so, then this is your stop. The layers in this bob help add textures to your hair, while the blunt cut bob adds volume.

Blonde Blunt Bob with Short Fringes

Blonde and blunt cut bobs are two inseparable styles, and they’re fabulous. And what way to spice up an already fancy style than with some marvelous short fringes. The fringes help bring out the light blonde color.

Highlighted Brunette Waves

Brunette bob with light waves is one of the classic TV drama lead looks, which will definitely help you stand out. If the brunette is too dark for you and you want to make it stand out, you should add a few streaks of lighter highlights.

Face Framing Pastel Bob

All thanks to Tiktok and other forms of social media, pastels, and face-framing cuts, both have taken off. And if something’s all over social media, you know that it is a style that is in a trend that you won’t regret trying.

White Lob with Waves

Light and ashy colors such as this ashy platinum white add a bit of pop to an entire look. If you want to have your white hair stand out along with your outfit, you should undoubtedly chop it off into a blunt cut bob.

Beige Autumn Inverted Bob

Fall is the season of festivals, but unlike the festivals, this beige autumn inverted bob is a trend that stays in style all year long. The beige bob is one of those fancy and sophisticated hairstyles that the industry will never let go out of style.

2000s Bold Basic Brunette Bob

The early 2000s was an age of experimenting with every style possible, even with hairstyles. And if anything that managed to stay behind in trend, then this bold brunette blunt cut bob because this style is ageless.

Simple Blonde Lob

The relationship between blonde and bob is unbreakable and super fancy. If you’re all about the basics, this classic blonde lob is the face-framing pretty style you should opt for.

Side Swept Short Bob

There’s always something about side-swept hairstyles that add some hint of power and sophistication to a bold look. And if you’re about the dark/ semi-punk hair looks, you can’t go wrong with this side swept short bob.

Jaw-Length Straight Cut

Extra short blunt cut bob styles like this jaw-length straight cut bob help accentuate your facial features. So if you were looking for a shaping style, then this is surely your stop.

Greyish Beige Straight Lob

Greyish beige colors may seem too plain and bland at first, but they’re trending in the styling industry. The beige on a lob cut hair brings an extra level of chicness to your look.

Brunette Straight Lob

Brunette is a prominent natural color which does tend to dominate any other color on hair. And if you’re very proud of your natural brown hair and want to change it up a bit, you can’t go wrong with a lob chop.

Copper Loosened Shiny Bob

Models don’t always have the freedom to play with stuff like hair and look like us, but they still tend to look goddess-like with these sorts of loosened shiny bobs. And if they can pull off a basic and simple style with no effort, why can’t you?

Goth Girl Short Bob

Goth and emo girls are the pinnacles of bold fashion looks that come into trends right away, just like this dark blunt cut bob. This dark short bob adds some volume to hair, and it looks fabulous on every skin tone.

Sophisticated Heavy Short Bob

This heavy short bob is a classic olden times hairstyle. Our beautiful leading ladies in multiple movies have totally rocked this look that we’ve all wanted to style our own hairs this way at least once in our lives.

Rihanna Inspired Bob

While the bob has been around for quite a long time, Rihanna helped bring it back into the light when she debuted her inverted bob. And thanks to her light and dark colors, both have become a prominent bob basic, so you won’t have to worry about your shades; rock the bob.

Blunt Ended Short Bob

Having and maintaining long and flowy hair can be too big of a deal for many of us. And not every short hairstyle will look good on just anybody, unlike this blunt-ended short bob.

Playful Short Bob with Short Fringes

Flowy bobs with short fringes were especially “the look” for young children during the 2000s. And just by that, we can tell how cute the style is for us to try.

Relaxed Rockstar Platinum Blonde

Quite several rockstars are responsible for bringing casual short bob styles back in styles. And boy, aren’t we grateful that this rockstar platinum blonde bob is back in style. This hairstyle lest you rock a mysterious punk look, and punk looks are making a comeback as well.

 Lob with Curtain Bangs

Natural bob is a style worn by quite a few faces in movies, and they sure do know how to style them effortlessly like this beautiful bob with curtain bangs that not only Dakota Johnson pulled off but also countless others.

Natural Dark Straight Hair

Sleek straight cut dark blunt cut bob is one of those hairstyles that are sophisticated all on their own. These sorts of styles help spruce up any style of outfit and look you put on.

Classic Mixed Blonde Cut

Blonde is one of the most prominent colors in the hairstyling industry. It jazzes up any style into a comfortable and casual look. So going for a short bob on your blonde hair won’t be a regretting decision for you.

Mom-Like Heavy Short Bob

Maintaining and styling long hair can be a hectic job for a lot of us. Then don’t worry about it anymore; this short bob is the perfect style for you, and if you want an added feminine look, the heavy mom-like light puffs help you do that.

Comfortable Bob wth Loose Fringes

Bob and fringe is THAT duo. They literally go well on anyone and with any face shape. You can add a few light highlights and some light waves for more let loose and casual vibes.

Pretty Pastel Pink Bob

Light and ashy pastel shades are the new trends for young people these days. If you want a refreshing and fun look for yourself, you can’t go wrong with a pastel pink straight bob.

Ear-Length Straight Cut Bangs

If you’re into more masculine looks and hairstyles but still want to add some hint of feminity to the same style, then these ear-length blunt bangs are the style for you. The hair’s shortness gives you a bold and sophisticated look, while the bangs add a subtle extra style to it.

Punk Blonde Lob

Blondes have been usually taken as soft energy like-color on a person. But a swift parted straight blonde bob haircut is on the contrary. This cut lets you channel your inner punk rockstar with the right outfits.

Modern Light Waved Bob

Loosely puffed waves on a bob hair is a classic early 1950s-1960s look that looks badass to this date. This sophisticated look has been turned into a casual day look, but it’s still as complimenting.

Platinum Copper Sleek Short Bob

Sleek short bobs are probably the boldest and fashionable style many Hollywood celebrities have tried and absolutely rocked as well. Copper is an equally bold choice of color that will spice up your sleek short bob even more.

Pastel Purple Blunt Cut Bob

As we mentioned earlier, short pastels are a fabulously trendy style as of right now. And fashion now is all about expressing yourself. And what better way to express your beautiful self with some pop of color with a bold, blunt hairstyle.

Late 90s Classic Bob

The 90s are long gone, but the classic fashion and styles aren’t. Now’s the best time ever that you can style your hair in a classic 90s hairstyle like this classic bob that you’ve probably seen Drew Barrymore don this beautiful look in the Scream movie.

Emo-Punk Short Blunt Cut Bob

Emo and punk goth looks that define the current trends in teenagers and young adults. And we know you’ve always wanted to opt for this beautiful and bold look but were too scared to stand out overly. Now’s the time you can, and you should wear it right now because we know everybody else cool.

Casual Fall Bob

Fall is not only the season of natural beauty and festivals, but it’s also the season for casual and comfy styles, just like this messy casual fall bob, which will perfectly represent your entire snuggly fall mood.

Lob with Natural Highlights

Lob all on its own is a pretty stylish cut, but even the best things need some spice sometimes. So add some natural highlights to yours for a more textured look.

Chick-Flick Classic

The early 2000s movies were considered classics then and will be for quite some time now. And most of what made those movies classics was this type of classic blonde bob looks that look absolutely fabulous on any leading lady.

Natural Brown Short Bob

Brown is an underrated hair color, but a one that makes every haircut stand out all on its own. So you know, if you’re bored with your classic loose bob, turning it brown will give you a whole new look to work.

Tumblr E-girl Streaked Bob


Every era has a typical e-girl look, and this sort of look is the early 2000s’. And all on its own, this style makes a statement that’s hella deep. Bob has always been a classic, but adding streaks of bright highlights are what will make yours stand out.

Mommy Style Blunt Cut Bob

Mom styles and looks are our absolute favorites. As such, these styles are always mature and classy, which you can never go wrong with.

Auburn Ginger Bob

As we’ve already said, blonde and bob cuts can never go wrong together. So if you’re bored with your blonde bob, all you have to do is change up the shade, and probably into auburn.

Fringed Bob with Natural Streaks

The 2000s came up with some absolutely marvelous hair looks, and this untextured fringed bob is one of the best ones.

Lob with Curtain Bangs

If you didn’t know, curtain bangs are back in style with a bang, and so are lob length styles. Mix them up together for a fantabulous style.

Multiple Blonde Highlights

You may have already chopped your hair off, and now you’re stressed because it looks so lifeless? All you require is to add some colorful same shaded highlights; they’ll do the work.

Everyday Semi-Short Bob

Flowy textured bob hairstyles are everything. These styles add some form of excitement and refreshment to your look daily.

Sleek Side Sweep Flowy Short Bob

If you’re in look for a hairstyle that helps you look like a bold professional with a touch with your feminity, then this is your stop. This sleek side sweeps flowy short bob is the perfect look for any woman.

Short Bobs with Light Highlights

Short hair on females is still a bit out of touch on women, but it’s a bold look for the same reason. And if you’re all about that drama and boldness, add some bright highlights to your short bob.

Messy Bob

Messy looks are what create an entire style. And come on, the bob is already easy to style look and mess it up a notch for an even low-effort look.

Classic Diva Hair

Ascribed positions don’t only make you a queen; some fancy diva-like hair looks do too. So if you feel like a queen at heart already, then chop off your hair into this semi-short blunt cut bob, add in a few highlights, and Voila! You’re all ready.

Straight Matte Red Bob

Forget glossy; matte colors have all the hype right now. And why shouldn’t they? Just look at how beautifully they make this blunt cut lob stand out.

Side-Parted Professional Bob

Even styling your hair every day for work can be a handful. So this side-parted professional bob is the perfect look for your everyday work if you’re tired of surfing through Pinterest every day for the perfect style for you.

Short Bob with an Undershave

Undershaved hair looks are simply one of those styles that help you make a strong statement, whether it’s about gender norms or fashion: you name it. So, if you’re a person of marvelous taste and habit, this short bob with an under shave is the perfect look for you.

Swept Bangs Bob

Swept bangs are the perfect look for anyone because who hasn’t cut their own bangs and then regretted it, right? So to even hide your midnight self-cut bangs, a bob is the perfect cover-up look.

Sea-Green Lob

Bright and light colors are heavy in demand in the fashion market. These sorts of styles on lob is that exact look every teenager ever wanted during their time of expression, but now that it’s in style, you can even do it now.

Dark Cut with Heavy Blunt Bangs

This dark cut with heavy blunt cut bangs is a classic style that won’t go out of fashion anytime, as it has been in style for decades. If you’re bored with your hair and are up for a chop, this should be your first resort to suit anyone.

Bob with Twisted Low Curls

This bob with twisted curls is that fancy yet simple style you have been looking for. This stylish look is what one looks for and even more.

Schoolgirl Put-together Bob

Styling your hair for school every day can be difficult, and find the exact one you could wear daily without getting bored. Well then, this put-together bob is the style that will help you save any hassle.

Kardashian-Jenner Sleek Cut Bob

The Kardashian-Jenners have been the trendsetters for quite some years now. And the best trends they’ve set should probably be this sleek light blunt cut bob that they’ve influenced on many. Now that they’ve brought this into the trend, it doesn’t seem to go away any time soon.

Angel Core Light Bob

Now is the time that all those angel core, cottage, core, goblin core, etc. styles/ aesthetics are trending. And if you want to bring out your inner core look, this beautiful light diamond bob is the look that’ll help you do so.

Framing Bob with Framed Fringes

Not many styles can help you frame your face perfectly every time you leave the house, unlike this framing bob with framed fringes. Everyone wants their beautiful facial features to stand out, and yours can with this absolute perfection of a style.

Voluminous Straight Lob

At this point, you probably know that straight lobs are the most easily styled, fashionable style that anyone can pull off. And now when the Kardashian and their beautiful beige bobs are the crazes, you should go for this one as well.

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