74 Cool Blue Black Hair Colors Trends Going On Right Now

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If you are looking for an edgier style this year, something that is dramatic and cool, then you have come to the right place. Blue-black hair color is one of the coolest and eye-catching colors out there. You just immediately feel like a badass when you have it. If you want to amaze, mesmerize or add some mystery to your life, then you are going to want to try one of these shades out. We have a lot of options for you to try out. You might be surprised how many different ways you can wear this hair color.

There are a lot of fun trends going on right now and this is one of them. Check out these 74 Cool Blue Black Hair Colors Trends Going On Right Now:

  1. Cool Blue

If you love blue, then you are sure to love a bright shade like this one.

blue black hair

2. Deeper Shades

Maybe you like blue but don’t want a bright color. This could be a great option for you.

3. Great Shades

A dark shade like this is truly unique. We love the way the shade makes her eyes pop.

4. Amazing Shades

This blue-black shade is so dark and mysterious, how could you not want to try it out.

5. Subtle Edges

A great shade like this is simple with just a touch of blue to it.

6. Fun Looks

The one thing about black hair is that it is very eye-catching. 

7. Pretty Shades

One thing you can guarantee is that blue-black hair is going to make your eyes really stand out.

8. Stunning Shades

There is definitely something glamorous about a hair color like this one.

9. Cool Blues

A bright shade of blue like this is sure to make your whole look pop. You will be turning heads wherever you go.

10. Stunning Blue

There is just something about blue hair that makes you feel like you can take over the world.

11. Dark Designs

Cool styles like this will turn heads wherever you go.

How to Achieve Blue Black Hair

There are some things to keep in mind if you are going to dye your hair. If you want the blue-black shade, you have to follow these steps, keep in mind we always recommend you to go to a salon and see a professional.

  1. Bleach Your Hair

Even if you just want blue added to your already black hair, you may have to bleach some strands if you are looking for a lighter or brighter shade. If you are doing it yourself, the box of bleach will come with instructions.

  1. Add Color

That means you add the blue coloring to your hair. It will attach itself to the bleached strands and you will have your blue coloring. We recommend you putting petroleum jelly on your skin to avoid dyeing your skin.

  1. Maintain Your Color

“Use shampoos specially made for colored hair or damaged hair as they will help keep your hair nourished.” (Style Craze)

“When using conditioner, use cold water as it helps lock the moisture from the conditioner into your hair. Colored hair needs more moisture.”

“Use a dry shampoo if you feel you need to clean your hair more than twice a week.”

12. Cooler Colors

A great shade of blue is all you need to get a fun new style.

13. Stunning Blues

A stunning shade of blue like this is bright and ready to show off to your friends.

14. Mesmerizing Shades

How stunning is this shade of blue and you could totally match your makeup to it as she does in this picture?

15. Shiny Styles

A great style like this is gorgeous and shiny.  We love this glamorous look.

16. Dark Blue

If you like your hair the darker, the better, then this is the hair color for you.

17. Classy Styles

A great style like this is sophisticated and classy.

18. Classic Styles

A great classic style that is unique and mesmerizing. We love these blue shades.

19. Bold Blacks

There is blue in this black style, but it’s not that noticeable.

20. Lighter Shades

A great color choice that is light and bright.

21. Darker Elements

A dark shade of blue that anyone would love. This dark color is almost magical.

22. Bold Shades

A color like this is pretty classy and has some cool shades of blue in it.

23. Shocking Shades

A great shade of blue that catches the light in the most perfect way.

24. Brighter Blue

A cool shade of blue like this is something that will catch the eye when you are out and about.

25. Bright and Dark

A great style like this has a gorgeous color of blue that is darker, but it’s also a fashion shade.

26. Subtle Blues

How could you not love a shade of blue like this, it’s so pretty and bright.

27. Muted Shades

A great shade like this is neither bright or dark, it’s somewhere in between.

28. Beautiful Styles

A classy style that is truly unique. If you want an edgy style, then this is the one for you.

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29. Shimmering Beauty

A pretty shade of blue like this is sure to make you the life of any party.

30. Gorgeous Shades

A great shade of style of blue-black that will make your eyes pop.

31. Bright Highlights

The highlights in this style really make the whole look pop. We love these gorgeous styles.

32. Beauty Shades

This is a light color that is bold and unique. The light shade is one that you are sure to love.

33. Blue Ombre

If you want a bright color, but you don’t want to do your whole head, then why not try an ombre style. The bottom of the hairstyle is a stunning shade of blue that is sure to catch the eye.

34. Glamor Shades

This long and sexy style is truly one of a kind. There is just a hint of blue to the color and it’s beautiful.

35. Flipped Styles

Blue-black is a popular style that is badass and edgy.

36. Bright Blue Shades

A style like this is eye-catching because of the light blue shade.

37. Transitioning Shades

It starts off black and then it transitions into a bright shade of blue.

38. Edgy Shades

A cool shade of blue that is edgier than the rest. Try this shade out and blow away the crowds.

39. Cool and Pretty

A bold shade of blue that is perfect for any occasion.

40. Deeper Looks

Rock this shade of blue this Fall and see how many compliments you get.

41. Hot Shades

If you like bright shades, then why not try a bright shade of blue like this one.

42. Cool Shading

We love how that the highlights are sparse on top and thicker near the bottom.

43. Fashion Shades

If you love blue, then you can’t go wrong with this fashion shade. You can go really bright like this photo if you really want to.

44. Bolder Looks

A great shade of blue like this has a grey tinge to it. It’s a gorgeous style that you are sure to love.

45. Stunning and Subtle

A great shade like this is exactly what you need to enjoy a fresh change. You can have a tint of blue to it to truly create magic.

46. Magic Blue

If you want to be bold, then go for a shade of blue like this one.

47. Neon Shades

These bright shades of blue are a little more neon. The contrast between the light blue and the black is remarkable.

48. Bright Bangs

A great shade of blue that is just situated in the bangs. If you pick just one area of the hair to color, then you add a very different contrast and edginess to your style.

49. Cool Designing

Another great ombre style that includes a great blue coloring.

50. Gorgeous Looks

A simple shade of blue in a short style really makes the look pop. The short style alone is edgy, but when you add in the bright colors, it takes it to another level.

51. Subtle Looks

Another subtle look that you are sure to love.

Tips: The Blue Will Fade

If you love blue be aware that the bright colors will fade, especially the bright fashion shades. When you get a bright color, any color, it has about four or five days where it stays that bright color. After that point, it will start to fade and become dull. The best way to keep your color the longest is to use color-safe products. The best you can hope for is that your color will fade to another cool color.

52. Hotter Shades

You will turn every head in the room with a color like this. It’s a gorgeous and bright shade of blue.

Tips: It’s Going to Stain Everything

Be aware that when it comes to bright fashion shades, it will stain everything and that includes your towels and pillows.  You are going to have to get used to items in your house being stained. It’s going to bleed for the first few washes. If you have a favorite white t-shirt, then don’t wear it when your hair is wet.

53. Shiny Blue-Black

This gorgeous blue-black color is one for the books.

54. Bluer Shades

The roots are the only black part of the style and it offers a darker look. The blue is quite light in this photo, so the contrast is cool.

55. Lighter Highlights

There are few different colored highlights in this style that really make the look stand out.

56. Neon Shades

A great shade of blue that is so bright it’s almost neon. We can’t help but love this shade.

57. Celebrity Shades

Another great shade of blue-black that is so cool that even Kim Kardashian is wearing it.

58. Shocks of Blue

This is a cool example of a blue-black color. We love how it’s in pieces all over the place. We like the cool combinations all through her style.

59. Deeper Blues

We love this deeper blue because it’s very glamorous. It’s a great style that is eye-catching.

60. Light Blue

If you want a lighter shade, this would be a great example of what you could use. We love how the bottom is such a special light blue.

61. Subtle Touches

Tips: Wash Your Hair in Cold Water

That may seem like torture to you, but it’s reality when it comes to having bright hair colors. If you wash your hair in hot water, it’s going to bleed the color out entirely. Cold water is always best. “This is especially painful in the winter. Eventually, you’ll give up and get touch-ups more often rather than face one more freezing shower.”

62. Classic New Styles

A great style that is straight and sophisticated. There is just a hint of blue to this color.

63. Shimmering Blues

A wonderful shade of blue that is both dark and beautifully created.

64. Sharp Blues

A sharp shade of blue that is one of a kind. It’s a great color that is bold and wonderful.

65. Creamy Blues

If you love a creamy color of blue, then why not try this gorgeous shades.

66. Glimmer Shades

A gorgeous shade of blue that is eye-catching and wonderful.

67. Beautiful and Cool

Blue-black colors are awesome for a reason, they look so great and will look even better in the light.

68. Spikey Styles

There are just a few pieces of blue in this awesome style.

69. Black Designs

Black styles like this are truly glamorous and gorgeous.

70. Pretty Looks

Another great style that you are sure to love.

71. Light and Bright

An allover blue style that is light and bright.

72. Cool and Bright

You will blow your friends minds when they see you with this awesome shade.

73. Pixie Styles

A very short style like this is sharp and cool.

74. Pretty and Bold

Show off a new style like this, this Fall and get all the compliments you want.



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