82 Bombshell Blonde Balayage Styles You Will Love

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If you are looking for a cool new style, then you have come to the right place. Highlights might be something that you are interested in, but you want a more natural look. Balayage is exactly what you are looking for. It gives you a natural look of highlights so that you don’t know where highlights begin and end.

It can be easy to become bored with your current style and want to try something new. You don’t have to completely erase your current look however, you just need to upgrade it a bit. By adding some highlights, you update your look in a way that appears natural. Blonde is the most natural way to have Balayage though you can do it in any color that you want. You may be feeling like your style is a little boring or dull. Well, Balayage can add dimension to your hair so that your style looks completely new.

The great thing about these highlights is that they aren’t thick or chunky. They are barely noticeable which makes people think that your hair always looks that awesome. Check out these 82 Bombshell Blonde Balayage Styles You Will Love:

1. Soft Touch

How could you not love a style as great as this one?  It’s so natural looking and that’s the best part.

2. Pretty Blondes

You can put in as many Balayage highlights as you want to.

3. Stunning Styles

There is a lot of blonde in this style but it still doesn’t look overdone. You could totally believe that she was a natural blonde.

4. Thin Highlights

The idea behind a Balayage is that the highlights are thin so that they look more natural. They aren’t thick and chunky which would give you a more unnatural style.

5. Sweet Blondes

We can see here that her roots stay dark and then the hair gradually turns blonde. You don’t see a definite mark however as to when the blonde starts. It’s all very natural looking.

6. Pretty Styles

You can even get a few different styles by adding a few different shades of blonde in the style.

7. Natural Tones

If you like the dirty blonde style, then you are sure to like this look.

8. Platinum Styles

Balayage isn’t always for a natural look. You may not think that this look even falls in the balayage style but it does. It’s because there are beige-toned highlights throughout that give this blonde look dimension.

9. Subtle Designs

These highlights are a little darker and give you a subtle change.

10. Cool Styles

If your kid has been bugging you for highlights, then Balayage is perfect for them because it will give her a natural look.

Colin Caruso of Salon Caru is a Paul Mitchell Artistic Director of Color and she has some great tips to follow so that you can properly take care of your Balayage style.

Tips for a Great Balayage Experience:

Consult With Your Stylist

The best thing you can do is make sure you go to a professional that has experience with Balayage. Consult with that person and make sure you have pictures of the style that you are looking for. Depending on what your hair looks like at the time of the consultation, it may take several appointments to get the look that you want, especially if you are looking at platinum blonde shades. By consulting first you save yourself from ending up with a style you didn’t want in the first place.

11. Cool Looks

It doesn’t matter what length your hair is, these always work well.

12. Subtle Styling

Another great natural style that you are sure to love.

13. Fun Looks

A fresh and fun blonde look is exactly what you need to get a new look.

14. Stunning Shades

You can see here that the blonde is much lighter at the bottom than the top. But it’s been blended naturally throughout.

15. Short Styles

Adding dimension to your style can give it a fresh breath of life.

16. Frozen Designs

If you love those icy shades, then this is the look for you.

17. Naturally Blonde

A cool blonde like this will have heads turning wherever you go.

18. Pretty Blonde

Another great shade of blonde that is perfect for a new change.

19. Different Shades

There are a few different shades in this amazing style.

20. Subtle Changes

These blondes are blended in so naturally that you have to assume that they are real. But they’re not!

Tips: Be Realistic

If your hair is badly damaged, then blonde is not right for you. Not now anyway. Get your hair healthy and then hit the salon. If you go blonde with damaged hair, it’s only going to look even more damaged and what’s the point?

You can always build up to that lighter color over time instead of doing it all at once. If you want your style to look amazing, then make sure you are going into the salon with realistic expectations.

21. Platinum Difference

It doesn’t really matter what shade of blonde that you use, it’s always going to flow well with a Balayage technique.

22. Basic Blonde

This is your average blonde style, with nothing too crazy going on.

23. Sweet Styles

A great look for someone who enjoys the ombre styles.

24. Classy Styles

A great look like this is one that is classy and elegant.

25. A Touch of Pink

Light pink is a color that many blondes will dabble with. This is a great shade that you are sure to love.

26. Golden Shades

A great style that has golden locks instead of white ones.

27. Sweeter Locks

A simple style like this is all you need to have a fresh new look.

28. Soft Blonde

She goes from very dark brown to a light blonde in this style.

29. Soft Balayage

We can’t help but love these fresh highlights.

30. Blonde Highlights

A cool look that will have you loving blonde all over again.

Tips: Maintaining Your Style

It’s really important to take care of your blonde hair so that the color stays beautiful. The longer you can hold off shampooing your hair, the longer your color will stay. If your hair tends to get oily, then you can wash it every other day.

31. Subtle Designs

A style like this is really unique. There aren’t a lot of highlights here, only just a few but it breaks up the brown.

32. Beige Styles

This is another subtle style that gives you a natural look.

33. Flirty and Fun

A simple style that has some beautiful highlights.

34. Pretty Cool Styles

A great style that has some pretty amazing highlights.

35. Blonde on Blonde

A cool look like this is going to make you believe that blondes really do have more fun.

36. Sweet Highlights

Another subtle style that you are sure to love this year.

37. Darker Styles

It’s not blonde but it could be the progression to blonde. Sometimes if your hair is dark, it can take some time to get to blonde.

38. Cool Blondes

Blondes have more fun they say and in this case, we have to believe them.

39. Subtle Styling

A cool look that is truly one of a kind. If you need a new look then getting a few highlights is perfect.

40. Beige Looks

A cool look that has just some subtle beige highlights to it. What’s not to love?

41. Glowing Blonde

A cool and sensational blonde coloring that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

42. Fun Shades

A natural look is perfect for someone who doesn’t like big changes.

43. Subtle Lines

Natural shades are always good especially if you don’t want a big change. You can always start off small and add more t your next appointment.

44. Glittering Blonde

With these styles, the hair always goes from dark to light. It’s quite blonde on the end which creates a bold look.

45. Seriously Short

There is a definite contrast in colors with this style and it’s a look that anyone would love.

46. Glamourous Blonde

With a color like this, you are sure to feel like a goddess.

47. New Styles

Sometimes all you need is a small change for a big look.

48. Gorgeous New Styles

A subtle change is all you need to turn heads at the next party that you go to.

49. Designing Blonde

A stunning shade of blonde that is created through an ombre style.

50. Golden Styles

A stunning look like this is created with some gold Balayage highlights.

Tips: Do You Have the Time to Maintain It?

It takes a lot to maintain a blonde style especially if you have naturally dark hair. Your appointments at the salon will be more frequent because your roots will start to show. Sometimes it can take a long time to get your hair blonde and that may mean that you have done damage to your hair. It’s always best to do at home treatments for your hair to make sure that it is always as healthy as it can be. You want to restore your hair to the best condition that it can be.

If your goal is to go lighter and lighter, then you need to make sure that it’s healthy in order to do that. You will need moisturizing treatment to maintain the health of your hair. A hair mask is also a great choice for restoring your hair’s health.

51. Golden Girl

Another great golden blonde style that you can rock the season with.

52. Softer Styles

These light shades create a softer and more appealing look.

53. Glistening Shades

In order for you to go this light. Your hair needs to be in really good condition.

54. Shiny Styles

A great style like this is exactly what you need if you are looking for a change.

55. Different Designs

There are a few different shades in this style to create this look. In order to add more dimension to your style, you can opt to have a few different shades of blonde instead of just one.

56. Sweet Highlights

There are only a couple of bright blonde highlights in the style but those few pieces really make things stand out.

57. Pretty Styles

Another great look that shows off a gorgeous blonde.

58. Subtle Looks

This is great for someone who doesn’t want to be a bleach blonde. Try things subtle to start and if you want to go lighter you can try that out at your next appointment.

59. Cascading Blonde

There are a few shades of blonde here to create an amazing style.

60. Sweet Bangs

We love how she has the bangs lightened up here. Whereas the rest of the hair is only lightened on the bottom.

Tips: Don’t Go Blonde If You Have Damaged Hair

That should be common sense, but you would be surprised how many people do it anyway. If you have hair that is frizzy or has a ton of split-ends, you will only make your hair worse by lightening it up. Going blonde is damaging to the hair as it is, so if your hair is not healthy you could run the risk of it falling out.

61. Shiny New Looks

If you have always dreamed of being a blonde, this would be an amazing style to try out.

62. Browns and Blondes

If you are naturally a brunette this would be a great choice for you, especially if you aren’t looking for a big change. You won’t have to worry about maintaining your roots as much because the roots stay your natural color.

63. Cool Balayage

Balayage is one of the coolest coloring techniques out there and if you haven’t already tried it, then you must.

Tips: Considering Using Less Styling Tools

You probably think that we are crazy for saying that, but we are only looking after the health of your hair. You are already damaging your hair by going blonde in the first place and using hot irons and curling irons frequently are only going to make it worse.

If you already have light hair, then going blonde won’t be a big deal. But if you are going from dark to light, then that’s going to take its toll on your hair. It would be highly recommended to take a break on the styling tools or at least try to use them less often. If you are using them, try to keep the tools at a low temperature to minimize any damage it’s going to cause.

64. Darker Notes

Another subtle change that you are sure to love.

65. Subtle Gold

Another pretty color that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

66. Lighter Looks

With this style, most of the blonde is at the very bottom of the style. It really makes the whole look pop.

67. Stylish Looks

The Balayage look is considered to be an elegant and classy look. It’s great for professionals and women who like to pretend they were born blonde.

68. Add Pink

If you want an edgy style, then you are sure to love this one. She is already a blonde but she wants to add some color. So, she uses the Balayage technique to brighten up her style with a hot pink shade. It’s a great way to try out some cool colors without sying your entire head.

69. Icy Blondes

It will certainly take a lot to maintain a blonde that is this light. Make sure your hair is healthy and that you don’t mind going to the salon every 4 weeks to touch the color up.

70. Icy Pieces

Another cool style that has white blonde pieces throughout the style.

71. All Over Blonde

If you want to go all the way and get blonde all over the head, then try this gorgeous color out. She still has Balayage pieces throughout to make it look more natural.

72. Goddess Styles

This is a gorgeous white blonde color and you are going to feel like a goddess wearing it.

73. Shiny Blonde

Those few pieces of blonde that she has really made the entire look pop.

74. Pretty and Natural

A cool style like this one will make you the hit of any party that you go to.

75. Dark Contrasts

A stunning style that has a great contrast between lights and darks. If you want a dramatic look, then this is the one for you.

76. Pretty and Special

With a great style like this one, you are sure to feel pretty special.

77. Short and Sweet

Another great look that is short and sweet all rolled into one. We love seeing these cool looks with short hair.

78. Naturally Pretty

Another natural look that is really pretty.

79. Bold and Blonde

If you want to steal the show at your next party, then this gorgeous style is the one for you.

80. Goldie Locks

The highlights are a little more dramatic in this style but still so very pretty.

81. Ash Tones

The ash blondes are a little more subtle of a look.

82. Bright Blonde

The lighter the blonde you go, the brighter your look will be. This is a gorgeous shade that anyone would love.

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