68 Appealing Black Braided Hairstyles That Are Comfy

Black hair is the dominant hair colour of all as a larger population of the world is accompanied with it. Among these population, the distribution is much more in Asian, American and African countries. When people think about the black-headed, they think of Afros with the curls. But it necessarily doesn’t have to be coiled, the texture of the hair can be straight, wavy or rolled up curls. Our article is more focused on the black hair of the native black community. The characteristic of hair of black people is vast and coiled up; So, we do many braiding techniques to care for the hair. The Black Braided Hairstyles are the best solution to protect the natural hair and keep your hair on the place.

If you are one of those having natural black hair then, you should take proper care of your hair. Here are some tips to help for the healthy and appropriate growth of your locs so that we can prevent it from ageing soon.

  • Use proper shampoo’s, conditioner and hair oils to lock moisture into your dry hair.
  • Style your hair according to the texture of your hair. Dry locs should not be exposed more to the sun so use braiding techniques for safety.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to have healthy hydrated hair.
  • Put on homemade treatments to make your hair healthier.
  • Take recommended supplements from the doctor.

These are the basic ideas, but for a healthy outside, one should be healthy inside. So, get yourself a balanced diet and plenty of water to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise more often, and you will surely grow your black hair without any difficulties. Here are a few braiding techniques that you help you to protect your natural hair as well as make you look fashionable.

Two-side Boxer Braid to Fishtail

black braid hairstyles

Boxer Braids are done by the boxers not to let the hair disturb them in the game. But now people do it for fashion. Here, place the Two-side braid together and make it into a fishtail braid. You can always add hair extensions like the blonde one to give a more dainty look.

Differently Swiped Thin Cornrows

Some people are tired of their hair not being in place. If you are one of them, braiding your hair in a different direction can help with this Differently Swiped Thin Braid. If you are one of those that cannot tolerate sun on their scalp, the hair-do isn’t for you.

Intertwined Black Braided hairstyles

Many people express themselves through their hair. Try the idea and reflect your messed up life through your head with this Intertwined Black Braid. The twist pony could be your go-to gym hair for some time too.

Creative Black Braid

Is your child bragging about her stylish friend mother? Make your child happy showcasing your creativity with this Creative Black Braid. Curvy thin braids surround the large braids creating a pattern. You can add golden cuffs to the big twists to give more emphasis on the bulkier side.

Alternate Black Braid High Ponytail

One of the ultimate ways to get the hair strands out of your face still looking stunning is to get this Alternate Black Braid High Ponytail. The eye-frames and the earring added makes you out the league. Sharp your eyebrows to focus more on your intense eyes.

Divergent Alternate Black Cornrows

The thick Divergent Black Braids has many thin braids in between them creating a beautiful pattern which is time-consuming to make but worth it as you can wait some weeks until you unravel it.

Long Black Braided Hairstyles

The African mostly have large and bulky hair, and if you don’t take proper care of them, then they tend to be drier day by day. So create braids with the addition of extensions which has an advantage in the texture and size of the hair.

Jumbo Cornrows

Who doesn’t want healthy dark hair? Get this thick and black braids with the Jumbo Cornrows to vibe about the flourishing locs on your head. When you unravel the twists, you will get small curls towards your head which goes on increasing to the ends.

Mohawk Black Braid

The Black Braids are already statementing on oneself and adding Mohawk gives life to it. Kill the stereotypical people’s vibe with this sophisticated patterned hair-do. The leather jacket can go perfectly with the hair-do.

Curvy Cornrows

Why should the body curves only be attractive? Create your attraction with this Curvy Cornrows. Add golden beads to the braids to embellish the curve more.

Black Half-up Box Braids

Are you attending a glamorous event and you don’t know what to do with your box braids? Half up-do with the twists and some intense makeup to your eyes can make you ready to attend any occasion.

Black Thick Box Braids

If you want some inspirational change with your life, start with your hair. Get yourself the Box Braid for a sharp appearance. Wear big earrings and get motivating tattoos to get on with the track.

Black Half Unraveled Mohawk

Turn people’s head as you walk by with this Half Unraveled Mohawk that is too hard for soft people to handle. Add your best makeup techniques to give a much more fierce look.

Minne Mouse Black Braid

Were you obsessed with the Minnie character from Disney world? You can relive your childhood with this space bun looking like Minne Mouse. Showcase your makeup skills and wear the outfit appropriate with the look.

Black Half-up Huge Bun Box Braids

Box Braids can be cumbersome and tiring sometimes. So, it is sometimes necessary to get the strands of the twists out of your face. Create this Half-up Huge Bun Box Braids to look commanding as well as to uncover your face.

Side Black Braid Wrap Senegalese Twist

Are you attending a wedding as a bridesmaid? The Side Black Braid Wrap Senegalese Twist can be the day hair-do to look phenomenal and beautiful. Wear a little less striking ear-piece to match the wrap and wear a light pink outfit to pair-up well in the ceremony.

Differently Swayed Opened End Black Braids

The differently swiped braids are dauntless and courageous. If you want a little soft or chick look, you can unravel the ends of the braid showcasing the mushy coils to get this Differently Swayed Opened End Black Braids.

Alternate Black Braid Ponytail

The Alternate Black Braids are created by braiding thick and thin braids consecutively in a vertical manner. The hair-do is appropriate for dates, friends night and also for parties to look tiptop.

Creating Curve Cornrows

The only thing time consuming with Curvy Cornrows is the partitioning. Once you divide the hair, everything on Creating Curvy Cornrows other than that is the regular braids.

Fulani Black Braided Hairstyles

The pastoral ethnic group in Africa has inspired the Fulani Black Braided Hairstyles. The beads on the end, the top parallel braids with middle ring, the hair at the side above the ear and the wraps on the strands are the characteristic feature of Fulani.

Black Box Braid

Box Braids are called so because of the box division to create a strand of a braid. It is the most done braiding techniques as it is protective and has an advantage over the length and size of the twist you desire.

Black Cornrow Low Bun

Who says you cannot be formal with cornrows. The Cornrow Low Bun is for those working people that need to attend various events and programs looking all orthodox occasionally. You can add a neck piece and handbags according to the theme with your outfit, and you will be ready to attend any events.

Cornrow Up-do

If you are in a job that needs you to dazzle up most often then, you should get this Cornrows Up-do with a highlighted thin-twist in between. You can get an ear piercing to embellish your look more.

Havana Twist

Installation of extension using invisible root method develops the Havana Twist making it look natural. Install the thick-twist in such a way that it gives a vibe of thick dreadlocks. Showcase your makeup skills to look refined with dark lip colour.

Types of Afro Hairstyles

Afro Hair is usually dark, dense and bulky. Some choose to kept it as it is, some people create cornrows, some do twists, some put on locs, and some change the colours of their coils to style their hair. Adding ear, neck and nose accessories can add glamour to the look.

Senegalese Twist with Green-eye

Senegalese are the tightest and smoothest twist of all. These twists tend to be thinner which looks less like the dread-locs. The green eyes with the dark lipstick are complimenting the look more. These are warm during the cold seasons.

Huge Mohawk Twist

Take the neatly made partitions on the side using the thin braids to the middle where a Long and create a big Havana twist from the front of the head that states about a brave, rebellious woman that can stand for themselves and also for the people that can’t stand for themselves.

Zig-Zag Alteration Black Braided Hairstyles

If you crave for the patterns and shapes, you would love to have the Zig-Zag Alternation Black Braided Hairstyles on for your up-coming rave party to stand-out in the crowd.

Black Cornrows

Who says you can’t go to a big event wearing braids? The hot look with the Black Cornrows done by the model contradicts it all. Wear a sexy outfit with the smokey eye makeup, and you are all ready to lure them.

Swiped Box Braid

The Swiped Box Braids are so thin and soft that they can be swayed in any direction like a natural hair. In the case of Afro, the braids are much easier to handle than the natural hair.

Black Locs

The Locs were only done by the gangsters and mafias or rebellious people group of people some years back to show off their robust nature. Now the locs are worn by women adorned by various hair jewels taking it as a fashion sense.

Alternate Black Braid Up Wrap

Whether you are a house-wife, a teacher or a worker, you can always get a box braid and get it up as a wrap for the ease to work. The alternating thick and thin black braids are for those who have already had the regular twists.

Fulani High Pony

Look heavenly with this Fulani High Ponytail that has all strands beaded. The white eye-shades, lip liner and the dots on the face make the model look like a goddess. Wear a mixed white outfit to compliment the appearance.

Short Fulani High Pony

The Short Fulani High Pony is one of the cutest things that I have seen lately. The ring on the head, the beads on the front hair compliments the big forehead and the neck area. The winged eyeliner with the brown lipstick is matching the look.

Peanut Highlighted Fulani

Fulani doesn’t always need to look beautiful and soft; they can also look robust and mighty with this Peanut Highlighted Fulani. Wear a tight inner showcasing your curves and a bold statement outer like the one worn by the armies to go with the flow.

One-side Swiped Wrap Black Braided Hairstyles

If you are a salsa dancer, the One-side Swiped wrap is your thing. In the first picture, the touch of the pink flowers on the hair with pinkish makeup shows your gentle side and gives a chick vibe. Pair up the look with a pink outfit. In the second one, the soft feather earring gives such a classic vibe with the net dress.

Purple Extension Black Braided Hairstyles

The purple is all about luxury and passion. Add a strand of purple to your black braided hairstyles to illuminate the dark side. Add golden cuffs to a twist or two to embellish it more. Keep your makeup low with the outfit.

Asymmetrical Lob Black Box Braid

The Asymmetrical Lob is for those fun loving person that is not afraid and can handle the risks easily. The nose pieces, beaded neck-piece and the outfit all match up the description. A little makeup can cause no harm.

Side-Twist Black Braided Hairstyles

Caress your beautiful long black braids by twisting it on the side, if you want to shower yourself with love and compliments. Adding an ethic neck-piece with a black outfit can cause wonders. Smokey eye makeup can intensify your beautiful elongated facial structure.

Half-up Space Knot Black Braided Hairstyles

The Half-up Space Knot Black Braided Hairstyles are created taking only the middle portion of the braided hair. The strands are left on the front that frames the face giving focus on the green eyes. The no-lipstick lip colour looks great on the puffed-lip.

Up Black Braid Bun

If you are a ballerina and have a problem to tie your gigantic curls up to make a bun, then the braided Up Bun is just for you. It becomes easier to knot up with the braids than the heavy curls.

Face Framing Bangs Black Braided Hairstyles

The Face Framing Bangs Black Braided Hairstyles has braided hair swayed to make bangs that get the desired structure of your face. The twists are unravelled at the bottom to give less focus on the curve-bangs.

Jumbo Black Braid Hair-styling Techniques

Like any other braids, Jumbo Black Braids can also be styled either to a huge bun or a ponytail to keep the strands on the place. You can put on hoop earrings to beautify the look a little more.

Divergent Cornrow

The Divergent Cornrows has the same point of start for each strand, increasing with the size of braids making it look like a meet-up for rivers. The combed baby-hair makes the look more neat and clean,

Side Jumbo Black Braid Fishtail

The Side Jumbo Black Braid Fishtail can be a look for an upcoming fun fair event. You can wear your patterned tops with colourful sunglasses and the hoop earring to bring out the inner child within you.

Alternate Black Braid Bun

Layering stacks of different style into one can have the advantages of various fashions. The Alternate Black Braid and Bun do the same. Going with the trend, you also got to have a safe play with the knot on the top for working.

Unravelled Thin Braid Mohawk Twist

The Twist is created by opening a Mohawk Braid and again twisting it. The Unraveled Thin Braid Mohawk Twist signifies more beauty and softness rather than power. The total makeup with nudes and highlights makes you look like a diva. The highlighted unravelled braids are perfect to the appearance.

Half-up Black Braid and Half-down Curls

The Half-up Black Braids and  Half-down curls are perfect for the beach days with the night parties. The braids during the sunbath can be unravelled half for your party. Pair up summer vibe outfits to go with the look.

Thin Black Braided Hairstyles

The Thin Black Braided Hairstyles are appropriate for those people having hair-fall problems. You can add extensions to your thin hair creating a thin cornrow that showcases the scalp making it look natural. Add earring to create a striking look.

Stylish Black Cornrows

Cornrows were done by the people with big large hair to keep it neat and tidy, but now people wear it for the style. Showcase your makeup skills with the thick flaunting eyebrows and the face to rock the Stylish Cornrows.

As already mentioned above, we have focused our article on the African tribe of people having natural black hair and how can we protect this hair using different protective braiding techniques. We revolve mostly around Box braids, Parallel braids or Cornrows, Senegalese and other twists because of the protection it provides to our natural hair along with the stylish appearance. I hope you have got the ideas to do your braids for your desired look. I would love to see how it goes. If you have any recommendations that you want to add to the list or any other kinds of stuff related to the above hair-do then, we will be glad to hear about it.

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