125 Stunning Bald Fade To Rise And Shine

Bald fade is a refreshing summer haircut which uses your side part of a head and cuts it till skin. Therefore bald fade is sometimes called Zero Fade or Skin fade. A hairdo is so cool that almost everyone has to try a bald fade at least once in his lifetime. Similarly, when we have a fade, we know there are tons of haircuts on your top to go with along with your zero fades. A skin fade, however, is ever fresh and famous and it has been ruling the fashion world for a long time now — a clean and stylish look together with liberty to add different modifications of your own, what more do you need in a hairdo.

bald fadeOur science behind a skin fade is pure. You have to clear your hair to your skin at a certain constant level. You can commonly have a high, low or Mid Bald fade with each having their properties. A skin fade is a base for many different hairstyles that you can select from a starting point. Exposure is another advantage of a zero fade. Since you will have a lot of free space in your head, you can fill that space with a variety of different add-ons. However, one has to be careful while combining these variations to avoid being on the wrong side of your Fade.

Classic skin Fade

Here we have an underlying skin fade with a medium length beard. Our guy has an angled undercut in his top. A bald hairdo is perfect for our model’s fair skin. His golden-brown hair highlighting looks promising too.

Zayn Malik Zero Fade

Zayn Malik, the former One Direction band member, is also a style icon for many people. He looks good in any clothes. One of his secrets is wearing a skin fade in his side part. Similarly, he loves a buzz top which is likely to go well with his angled face.

Bald Buzz Fade with Piercing

A buzz haircut is mostly a short top followed by a variation of your bottom portion. If you want a partially clean look, then you must try zero buzz fade. We will end up with left with very less hair in our head, and our unnecessary strands vanish immediately.

Man Bun With Zero Fade

A bun is bold and glittering. Anyone with a long length hair can use a ponytail or Bun. You will get a composed and smart impression with a bun in your head. Inspired by Chinese samurai and Indian sages from an ancient period we came to have this form of hairdo. With a zero fade, we control our hair volume and prevent overpowering looks.

Let in Pomp with Undercut

A let-in Haircut makes your hair look like a bird’s nest. A bit technical but still pleasing to from every angle, you can add different add-ons to this haircut here. Similarly, one can also use a variety of beard forms to compliment let-in pomp.

Bald Fade vs Skin Fade

Well, a bald with a fade and a skin fade means the same haircut. But you can say that in a bald one you will use razor blades whereas in a skin fade you use number zero mode of your hair cutting machine. Similarly, bald fade is more delicate hairdo than a skin fade version.

Tip Comb Over Zero Fade

In a tip comb-over, you can either get a spikey top or a semi-pompadour. You can also have a finely-trimmed beard to balance your zero fades. Similarly, using different add-ons is possible with a Tip  Comb-over.

Short afro and Skin Fade

An afro is famous for being a hairdo with a large volume of hair. You can manage this volume by adding a zero fade in your fade. Here, our model also has a short, thin mustache and a cleared beard working together. We also have a crystal Top as an add-on to his short afro.

Axe Top with Mid Zero Fade

An ax top is similar to the top faux hairdo. Our only difference here is that you will have a single lined linear head. Our guy has a clean-shaven face with his Axe-top fade.

Comb-over with Low Zero Fade

We have a clean Comb-over with a low skin fade here. Similarly, our model has a short, small trimmed beard and mustache with his zero fades. An eyebrow slit is an exciting add-on that one can use with a pompadour.

Backward Faux with High Fade

A backward faux and a plain pompadour is shown above. We can have both these styles with a skin fade. If you have a medium length hair nature a pointed backward faux is ideal for you. Similarly, you can also use patterns and linings to work along with a rear comb-over plain pompadour.

High Bald Fade

A high fade is an excellent choice for people with long facial structure. Similarly, if you have a medium length hair, you have a catalog of hair forms to chose from with your case. You can have a pompadour, faux or even a crew cut here.

Undercut and Lateral Comb-over

An undercut is a trendy and good hairdo for a medium length hair. With a lateral and also with a vertical comb-over you can have an undercut. An also undercut giver the user enough space to try different experiments with his Side hair. Similarly, one can either have a clean-shaven face or at least a fine trimmed mustache to compliment an undercut. You can also have piercings to work along with your fade.

Faux with Mid skin Fade

A faux top is different than an everyday hairdo. Reflecting a Punk lifestyle your faux defines your personality and nature. Similarly, you can have eyebrow slits to cover your faux top hairstyle.

Rough Top Low Fade

A rough hair nature can also look stylish sometimes. Let your hair be styled naturally and hope for the beat. Well if you have a zero fade in your bottom, you will undoubtedly have half your hairdo right. You can also have a facial piercing to enhance this hairdo here.

Crew Cut with Clean-shaven Face

A clean face matches well with a skin fade. If you have a crew cut in your top, you will have a real honest and disciplined look. Furthermore, you can add linings and patterns to your side and enhance this overpowering haircut.

Bald Fade Undercut

Here we have a weave rear pompadour with a side undercut. You can have a separator lining as above that separates your top with fade. A separator generally gives your hairdo a limit, and It is helpful for your next haircut. Similarly, our guy also has an angled temple top and a thick beard.

Bald Fade with Beard

A beard completes a fade. You can have different experiments of beard styles and your fade balances it correctly. A bald fade is an ideal hairdo for a long beard as these intermingle quite good. Our model also has a Buddha tattoo in his neck, and his bald fade is giving him a proper exposure.

Lay Down with an Undercut Mohawk

An undercut and mohawk go with each other from a long time back. Fade and Mohawk is a perfect couple of stylish attire. One can have a clean shaven face or a long beard with a mohawk, and your result will still look elegant.

Top Turn Over

A turn over is a stance of pompadour hairdo. Here only our tip portion turns backward. We will get a fresh and straightforward look with a turnover in our top. Our models here have a turnover and a long raised pompadour hairdos here.

Wavy Top Faux

A wavy hair nature is a right top for a skin fade. If you own a wavy hair, try keeping them long. A wave is only visible when you keep your hair long. We also have a top faux and random wavy hairdo here. You can also see that in a buzz cut a wave is not visible as shown by our second model here.

Crew Haircut with a Mohawk

A crew cut is a flat and short hairdo working well with any variety combining short bottom. Here, we have a bald fade which is one of the most compatible baseline haircuts. Combining a crew and a fade we lose a considerable amount of hair. We can either have a medium trimmed or to balance your hair loss a long beard with a crew fade.

Buzz Haircut with Latino Beard

In a latino beard styling, you will have a thin top mustache to start. Similarly, your thin mustache supports well with a lower lip beard. For your chin beard, you also have a small and sparse in your chin. Overall you will have a rose like facial hair structure.

Undercut And Half mohawk

Half Mohawk is a calm and disciplined way of dressing your medium length hair. In a sparse hair volume, you can try a faux half Mohawk too. Here we have a cleanly trimmed beard working out well with a comb-over half Mohawk. A zero fade supports your Mohawk like your fade was made for it too.

Bald Fade Comb Over

A comb-over is compatible and evergreen. From the last decade comb over has many different hair dresses in its bottom and one has to give it to Bald fade that compliments a comb-over evenly. Here, we have a comb-over and a separate lining with a step fade.

Angled Buzz fade and Zero Fade

Angled haircut is technical and takes a little bit time to complete too. We can say that a perfect angled fade makes your top head bilaterally symmetrical. It doesn’t matter whether you have a long top or a short one as long as your hair doesn’t enter your forehead portion you are good to go with Angled strands.

High Bald Fade

A high zero fade is an open approach of styling your hair. We can use different add-ons to get along with your top hairdo here. A single disadvantage with a high bald fade is that you can’t use patterns and linings to your head. Your separator lining seems reasonably weak with an upper skin fade too. Apart from this, you can always use eyebrow slits and piercings to compliment your face and top.

Bald Fade Black Men

Many different hairstyles aren’t compatible with your skin color. For example, a burst fade looks better to a dark person than a fair person. Similar is the case of crew haircut and a black person. But once we use a bald variation of fade, we have no problem. A skin fade goes well with any nature of skin color.

Plain Skin Fade

In a plain skin fade, we keep our fade parallel to our medium hair. For your top, you can either have a parallel or vertical style forms. Separator linings are hazardous for a plain fade as they make your hair look like steps.

Military Buzz with a medium trimmed beard

Military life is a well managed and disciplined life. For doing an everyday task as an army man, his hair mustn’t disturb him. For this very reason, the soldiers keep their hair short. One ordinary hairdo is a buzz cut. Here, we take a razor and uniformly cut our top. Similarly, we can have a zero fade to make a buzz hairdo more balanced too.

Top Bald Mid Fade

People can be bald from different natural reasons or by accident. Rather than growing some hair you can use a Top bald fade and make your bald head stylish.

Lateral Pompadour- Spike or Laydown

In a lateral or vertical Pompadour, you can choose between options of having spikes or finishing your final looks. Here, we have all four popular variations of a pompadour haircut, and you can select any One from it. A spiky hairdo is fresh but temporary while a plain pompadour is bland but long-lasting. You can spice up things with piercings, highlights and different types of linings here.

Bald Fade White Guy

A skin fade compliments both dark and white skin complexions uniformly. Here, we have four models with fair skin using four different variations of a skin fade. We have a curved top, faux top, lateral and a vertical pompadour and each hairdo have a completely different and robust look.

Tip Spiked Fade

A spike converges your energy to your face. It is an excellent method to draw others attention towards your face during an interaction. You can have long hair or short hair variations in your top here. A long hair length makes it closer to pompadour whereas a short hair to faux.

A skin Fade with Round Top

Your top portion of the head gets the exposure it needs when you apply a bald fade. So, it is essential to select your hair shape which will also change the appearance of your whole head. Here, we have a Roundtop variation of hair shape. With this roundup hairdo, your top will look curvy and balanced. Similarly, you can use different add-ons to manage your round-top.

Short curly hair with a Zero fade

If you have a low curler than you will have a hard brushy hair nature, also, you will have some bald section followed by dense hair too. To balance this step like hair appearance you can wear a skin fade in your side.

Angled Ivy-League haircut with a clean-shaven face

A clean shave is what some people need to fix their personality and appearance. While a thick beard might give you a manly look, its counterpart will provide you with a gentleman appearance. Our ivy-league haircuts here are distinctive as most of the college students have to wear this hairdo as a compulsion in ivy-league institutions.

Golden-brown hair

Our model here has a natural golden brown hair. Unlike highlights, a natural golden brown hair might look bland if you keep them long. So, you can do experiments with your hair and keep them medium short as above.

Curly top with Reading glasses

A curly hair takes a bit of toil to style, but your result is always dazzling. With your skin fade your problem of spectacle markings is over too.

A Round Buzz with Some Beard

With a buzz and a zero fade, your hair in a top portion of the head is considerably less. To balance this property of a buzz fade you can have a long thick beard. You can also have a thick mustache and use piercings to compliment your buzz zero fade.

Flat Top with a Goatee

A flattop is distinctive as suggested by its name. We have a straight flat hair nature all over and ends up with small hairs. For a flat top, you must have at least a medium length hair as we can see that a short hair flathead looks similar to a buzz haircut.

Rough Top and Short linear haircut

A rough top is a random assembly of your strands. In many different cases, a choppy hairdo looks better. For example, with casual forms of clothing most people prefer casual hairstyle, that is a rough top. Similarly, we have a short linear hairdo as a substitute for an uneven head. If your hair has curls a rough top may not be the best idea, wear a short linear Buzz instead.

Mohawk with Taper And Bald Fade

Here we have our mohawk with two different variations of fade. One can conclude from this mixture that using a high taper fade with skin fade is not a good idea. You can also have a full zero fade and a mohawk while it worked beautifully with our second model here.

Reverse mohawk

We have a different reverse mohawk here. Our bald portion to the middle portion is bare whereas your mezzo fade part is with hair. This stunner will undoubtedly make you the center of attraction in a crowd.

Front Flip Pomp

Here, we have a Macklemore hairdo. We keep our top portion medium and flip it over your pigtail part.

Bald Fade Long On Top

If you have a long thick hair, then you will love to have this pompadour and a skin fade. Our models have a different variation of beard to combine with this comb-over hairdo. You can also experiment your pomp with varying highlights of hair.

Mohawk And angled pattern

A short hair and a fade give you enough space to try different modifications to your hair. We can have angled tops for a clean and technical look. Similarly, adding linings and patterns in your fade is logical for medium skin fades. We also have different beard models and piercings to work along with zero fades.

At a time while everyone wants to leap forward and cross you, get a head start ahead of them by being stylish. A zero fade is a perfect weapon in your arsenal to use here.

Similarly, with this simple technical complexity, almost nothing goes wrong in your process. One can open a whole new era of appearance and personality with a confident zero fade. In a tug of a haircut, war is victorious and perish with bright colors with a skin fade. Build your character and lead the way with a skin fade.

Searching for a new appearance people waste a considerable amount of his time looking for a haircut which he can cling into for a long time. Well, you can either be these people or follow the suggestions of our professional hair stylists and use a zero fade. A hairdo is so compatible that almost anything can get along with it. Similarly with different hair lengths and hair nature, one can expect a tidy and fabulous finish. It doesn’t matter shades of your skin tone or your face shapes a skin fade compliments each of your variable appearance without any complications. So, blend into this rich world of fashion and style and make your name dazzle in this zone with these majestic Skin fades.

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