115 Sassy Asymmetrical Bob That Will Compliment You

In the beginning era’s of humankind, chopping your locks wasn’t regarded as a bold move. The time was different then, and instead, women were said to be scandalous towards their family and were treated poorly by everyone. Later as the time passed, women started to cut their hair short for their ease and convenience which calling it a Bob hair-cut.  In 1915’s a ballroom dancer was the first one to introduce the hairstyle. It is created by cutting your hair straight around your head and usually contains bangs. Now throughout the years, many updates have been made with the bob which has brought into Asymmetrical Bob.


Asymmetrical Bob is just the regular bob with uneven symmetricity at the two sides of your head. Many celebrities have gone through the haircut with their updated ideas in the context of the colour, texture and size of the bob. The most influencing notice with the Asymmetrical Bob came from Rihanna’s appearance on her hit song “Umbrella”. Here are some of the favourite asymmetrical bob styles throughout the years done by the celebrities and their fans.


Brown Blonde Pixie

asymmetrical bob

The blonde and light brown mixed pixie with the wavy Bangs is highlighting the angular jaws and the elongated facial structure.

Platinum Bob with Dark Roots

The smoky platinum bob is hot, but what’s even hotter is the dark roots opening up to the bright wavy bangs framing the face. Showcase your bold and sexy makeup skill to keep up with the leather jacket and the look.


Pastel Pink Asymmetrical Lob

If you are unable to decide whether you want a cute or a wild look, you should try the Asymmetrical Bob with even cut on a side and roughly trimmed on another part to fill up the gap.

Dark Brown Silky Lob

The silky Asymmetrical Lob is lifting your face on a side whereas showcasing your hidden facial features on the other part framing your face. The ring earpiece is doing wonders with the perfect jawlines.

Bronde Bob


The brown mixed up with the blonde gives the Bronde colour. The Bob is for those sincere people at work or school who doesn’t want to stay on their zone comfortably.

Platinum Bob

If you are obsessed with the comic characters, you should be the storm with the Platinum Bob and messy asymmetrical waves.


Dark Auburn

If you have a thin hair, the unevenly trimmed Dark Brown Bob could give you a denser look. Put on the bangs for a fuller head.


Black Angular Lob

If you are ‘everything needs to be black’ kind of person, the Black Angular Lob which will make you sexier with every type of outfit.

Blonde Bob

Everyone wants what they can’t have. Same goes with the hair colour. A natural black-headed person wants to be blonde and vice-versa. The Blonde Lob is for you if you are one of those.

Wavy Lob

Lobs aren’t always supposed to be sleek and black; they can be a pretty look if you have waves with them which can be casual.

Red Ombre

Increase the heat around you with this glowing Red Ombre Bob. Pair a patterned t-shirt with structural statement earpiece to give an impression.

Platinum Blonde Asymmetrical Lob

The Asymmetrical Lob is only slightly longer on one side than the other, so it is fit for those who don’t want the crazy hair to be noticeable.

Golden Copper

How often do you walk out of your door looking like red-carpet is waiting for you? If you don’t, this Golden Copper Lob is your chance to dazzle the crowd.

Pastel Pink

The side-cut Pastel Pink Asymmetrical Bob is showing the growth of a wild child growing out of the shadow of shyness. The Golden Ear-piece embellishes the look.

Forehead Covered Bangs

Part your hair on the farthest side and have the forehead covered bangs increasing as it goes to the next part creating this Bob. Have a minimal makeup with the look and the earring adds elongation to your face.

Ginger highlights

The Ginger highlights can be a hairstyle for those women who have started growing white hair because the ginger colour is not bright enough to show falseness.

Platinum Grey Waves

Platinum Grey has been the hair colour most of the girls have had or wanted to have. The Waves of the Lob on both sides flaunts the middle portion of the face making the feature attraction.

Light Golden Emo

The Emo is another kind of Bob that creates a shaggy dense aperture at the top which falls with spikes. In this Light Golden Emo, sandwich the blonde by the darker colour.

Pretty Blonde Lob

The Blonde Lob has a face-framing elongated bang and has a chopped-up hair above. The cut is suitable for thick hair. Wear a light coloured dress and match with the nude makeup.

Tortilla Ombre Asymmetrical Bob

The side-partitioned wavy Bob looks like a tortilla. The dark roots show off the thickness of your hair with the choppy ends.

Dark Bob

The Dark Bob is side-swept at the back and has an angular fringe at the front that shows the thin facial structure.

Beautiful Lob

The blonde and brown straight lob is perfect for the red carpet look. If you are a representative to one of these events, make sure to embellish the look with a rosy makeup and white outfit.

Thin Bob

The straight angled bangs on the front and the graduated cut is suitable for thin hair. If you are not much into artificial things, keeping your natural hair colour is the best.


Blonde Lob

Are you unsure about having a haircut? The Blonde Asymmetrical Lob can be a way until you decide your hair length.

Red Copper Bob

If you have a company to run, then this bold yet soft red copper Bob can be your look as it shows that you are calm enough to listen to other yet fierce too to know what you should do.


Anime Bob

The twisted blonde bob reminds me of the anime girl characters with short hair. The bangs and the waves are giving us the attention to the deep eyes and jawline.

Rainbow Bangs Bob

Are you bored with your life? Charm yourself up every day with this rainbow highlights on the black rooted hair to get the energy.

Soft Bob

Pretty Little Liar star Lucy Hale is rocking the soft black Lob with a bold red lipstick and sweater but also a pin earring for a little messed-up look. The eye colour is dramatic.

Ash Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

If you have a deadly jawline and want to flaunt it, the Bob with a short length is adequate. This Ash Blonde Bob has highlights of light copper on the side and has dark roots.

Superpower Bob

The bluish highlights to the grey hair give the vibe of thunderbolt power like in the Marvel Comics. Use Blue eyeliner for a more dramatic look.

Pastel Blue Bob

If you are a daring person, then the Pastel Blue Bob can be your hairstyle. The tattoos can vibe about the person more.

Natural Red-head Pixie

If you are a natural red-head with the greenish eye colour and fair skin, you should go for the Pixie for this adorable look. Natural makeup is done to look like a doll.

Metallic Pink and White Graduated Lob

The underneath pink covered up with the white hair is the actual punk look from the ’90s. The graduation on the Lob is giving a denser volume.


Blonde Round Bob

The Round Bob is adorable for the circular face structured person as it shows off your cute chubby facial characteristics. Style it with elongated earpieces and red lipstick to look elegant.

Storm Bob

Another way to style yourself as a Storm, i.e. a Marvel comic hero is to pull off this platinum wavy Asymmetrical Bob which looks like you have just frightened a bad guy.

Graduated Ombre Bob

If you are a tomboy, this Graduated Ombre Bob with the boyfriend jeans, snickers and the neck-piece will complete your look correctly.

Out-going Bob

If you have a straight lob, use your heating rods to create a slight wavy textured hair. The bob makes you look very out-going with the stripped outfit.

Inside Out Bob

The Inside Out Bob hair is created by firstly cutting the half portion of your hair into an A-line Bob and then making a regular bob with the rest of the half portion.

Ginger Shortwaves

If your hair isn’t fresh enough, you can get a classy look with the curls that are flaunted by the beret. Put on your smokey makeup and glossy lipstick.

Blonde Bob

Victoria Beckham has never failed to look glamorous with her short hairstyles whether its pleasing wavy Lobs or the straight-forward blonde spiky pixie.

Dark Brown Pixie

Pixie is easy to pull off by anyone whether you are a nerd or a cool person. Dark Brown gives you natural vibe.

Straight Lob

If you have damaged hair but don’t want to cut off your long hair, the Asymmetrical Lob can be one of your way out.


Grey Bob

If you want to have a mature look but keep it fresh, the Grey Bob will help to play a central role.

One-sided Lob

Trim the Asymmetrical Lob in such a way that the hair is elongated and touches the chest portion only on one side and the rest is above the surface.

Curly Lob

If you have long curls and cannot give more time for its maintenance then, you should do the Curly Lob that is playful and vibes about the fun you.

Medium Auburn Bob

The shaggy silky bob is perfect for the casual hangout days with your friends and family.


Pastel Pink Hues Messy Bob

The hues of pink are fading from the root to the ends giving a vibe of a soft person that won’t tolerate other bullshits.


Elongated Bangs

The Elongated Bangs are quite daring and sexy at the same time. Turn heads around you with the asymmetrical bob.

Red Copper Balyage

The Red Copper Balayage has various chops to create a shaggy look with one of the chop being the bangs.


Light Golden Silky Lob

Jennifer Lawrence looks fabulous with the sleek middle-parted Light Golden Lob. The net outfit, the steps neck jewel and the makeup are on the top.

Side-parted Lob

The Side-parted lob makes most of the portion of the forehead covered changing to a suitable facial structure. The look is simple yet beautiful.

Straight Waves

The Bob has a straight-waves that are only twisted on the elongated sides giving a natural hair look, i.e. Do not use any curling techniques.

Elongated One-side Classic Bob

The bob is a classic one that is circular with a side having elongated face framing curves. Do your eyebrows to focus on your huge beautiful eyes if you have one.


The highlights of green and grey on the Down-to-earth Bob gives the vibe of mud and grasses on the rainy season.

Blonde Sombre Lob

Sombre is a technique that matches the roots more to the ombre. The wavy blonde hair looks mesmerising to the elongated face model.

Blonde Emo

The slicked and spiky scissored bangs with the dark eye makeup is the emo look. Adding the asymmetrical lob to the punk hair is playing well with the appearance.

Sexy Black Bob

The shiny Sexy Black Bob has the scissored elongated fringe on the front that is complimenting the model’s double-chin with the winged eyes giving those intense look.


Toxic eye

The model is killing the toxic look with the dark rooted, blonde highlights hair and the big green eyes. The shimmery earpiece adds the dazzle to it.

Perfect Twist Lob

If you remember daisy from ‘The Great Gatsby’, you know about the playful and classic Perfect Twist Lobs. Do a smokey eye makeup to complete the look.

Messy Shaggy Pixie

The messy hair ‘i woke up like this’ is on trend these days. This Shaggy Pixie gives justice to the style still looking fabulous.

Pointed-ends with Blue Highlights

The pointed ends with the twisted bangs on the side give a glamorous look with the bob. Hoop rings and the makeup adds up the glam.

Blonde Ombre Side-cut Pixie

Create this statement hairstyle with the side-cut pixie and Blonde Ombre showcasing the fire within you.

Spiky Angular Lob

Rihanna looks smokey hot as always with the Spiky Angular Lob. You have to keep longer hair on the front to create the angles.

Multi-toned Lob

The lob ends are twisted in the different direction and have a broad base with a wavy elongated side. The eyeglass with the look is captivating.

Layered Curvy Lob

The Layered Curvy Lob has face framing elongated waves that create a small facial structure. The nose ring is focusing one the extended nose.

Black Lob

Black is already a sexy colour, and with the elongated edgy side, it makes them look alluring.

Edgy Twist Platinum Bob

The edgy twist on the front is flaunting her curvy jawline, and the blonde is going well with the pale skin tone. The patterned clothes are balancing the class with fun.

Bulky Backside Lob

The Lob is quite straight until it reaches to the ear and then suddenly creates waves which are elongated on the front and is messy on the back.

Face Framing Brunette Straight Lob

Whether you are a mom or a teenager, this Face Framing Lob never gets old to make you look beautiful by complimenting your facial structure.

Black and White Bob

Adding white highlights brings a more mature look. Do the Black and White bob if you want to extend your age.

Blonde tousled Hair with Dark Roots

The messy tousled hair is the medium bob that is flaunting the model’s pointed jaws and her facial curves too.

Up-swept Dark Bob

The Up-swept is giving an elegant look with the bob. The geometrical ear-piece is classy with the small waves.

Purple highlighted Lob

If you are a cool granny still obsessed with the new hair trends, you will electrify the people with your Purple Highlighted Lob.


Walnut Lob

If you are into a profession that wants you a neat and tidy look like a VJ then this Walnut Lob with the side bangs can be your appearance.

Also See:

Shimmery Peach Bob

Shimmer yourself up with this glossy and shiny Peach Bob that is fancy and will give you a good picture.

Caramel Bob with Platinum Highlights

If you are obsessed with chocolates, possess this Caramel Bob with bright highlights that look like milk on dark chocolate.

Graduated Multi-toned Bob

The multi-toned bob is the Rihanna’s Bob with multiple colours highlights making it look like peanuts.

Geometrical Bangs

With the asymmetrical bobs coming up, the irregular bangs are now in trend. Instead of cutting them haphazardly, a geometrical shape is maintained.



Geometrical Bob

The 2018’s has brought the Geometrical Lob in the industry where the sections of hair are cut into different geometrical shapes giving the vibe of a risk-taking person.


Burgundy Pixie

Burgundy is the hue of red mixed up with purple or pink that gives a feminine side to this boyish pixie.

Graduated Dark Lob curls

The graduated dark lobs are dense, soft and have big curls that suit a round shaped face. Put on natural makeup.

Pastel Purple Platinum Bob

Pastel Purple to your hair is a bold move. Not every coloured outfit goes with the colour, and you need good makeup skills to be on track with it.

Blonde Lob with Ash highlights

Not every woman wants a bright look; some want it subtle like this ash highlights to the blonde lob. Wear a glossy red to brighten your face.

Red Wine Bob

The Bob is for those having a thin hair which creates an attached look to your face when straight. The Red wine colour sasses up the look.

Ruby Red Lob

The Ruby Red Lob look appears like the fictional animated character Jessica Rabbit from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ have had a haircut.

Dark Pixie

The dark pixie is the ultimate boyish hair that can be a plus point for the tomboys. If you want to add a chick feel, highlights will be a good call.

Soft Bob with Unnoticeable Shaved Side

The pastel colour makes the bob soft and shiny, and it has an unnoticeable shaved side as the roots are also coloured.

Under-shaved Blonde Ombre Bob

If you have a restriction with the shaved hairstyles in your workplace or schools, then the Under-shaved Lob can be a great idea.

Balayage Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

The highlighting technique is balayage thus we can see through the black roots from the blonde highlights.

Old Bob

The pixie, as well as the grey hair colour, makes you look like an old person. Showcase the old soul within you through your look.


Middle-parted Red-head Lob

The natural looking red-head creates an A-line Lob with long face shaping hair on which gradually decreases ad it goes back.

Diagonal See-through Shaved Bob

These See-through Shaved Bobs is a rebellious hair-do that shows the shaved hair without showing it all.

Platinum Straight Pixie

Who says you cannot look classy with a pixie? The Platinum Straight Pixie looks soft and silky that you can match up for any fancy event.

These were some of the bobs variations with which you could flaunt your look. You can colour your hair or change the texture to get something new. The best thing about the bob is any age group of people can do it, but it never fails to make them stunning. It is inconsiderable with the shape and size of your face as well as the hair, and it always creates a unique hairstyle for each person. People also style their lobs through different styling techniques of braids, bun and ponytails to give various appearance for every occasion. If you have any new innovative lob ideas that you think needs to be added to the list then, we are more than happy to take your recommendations.

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