86 Trendy Ash Brown Hair That Will Suit You

Ash Brown has been the hot colour trend in 2018. While some people are going for the bright and glossy rainbow and polished pastel-colour, the old-soul are going for the brunette brown shades. The Ash Brown Hair is a matte that is rather dull and not shiny. But you can apply various colouring techniques to make changes in the shine of the hair. The Ash Brown also won’t be able to complement all kinds of hair; few exceptions arises with the natural and artificial tones.


So what are the exceptions? The people with the cooler tones will go with the ash Brown as they tend to have the natural hair colour that will bring out the brownish hue but the warmer tone person tend to have the hair colour that will change the brown into a greenish tint. The calmer tone eyes and skin colour will also flatter the hue which won’t be with the warmer tone. But don’t worry warmer tone people can put the ash brown as highlights.

Another thing that decides about the ash brown being suitable on your tone is the colouring techniques.

The Balayage technique is done just by taking some strands of hair randomly into your hand and applying a hue to these strands, which should be a little shade lighter than the other. It creates a contrast of colour between the hairs that involve hair-colour and does not include the hair-colour. So, Ash Brown highlights are beautiful.

The Ombre technique creates a gradient look with the colours. You can have the ash brown to the hair below your ears to the end for Ombre. The Sombre method is same as Ombre, but instead of adding the colour just below the ear, we start from the root by gradually increasing with the tone matching the hair with slightly increasing the hue.

Some of the most stylish Ash Brown that the year has brought is below on the galleries.

Lob Ash Brown Hair

ash brown hair

The Lobs are the haircut every girl has once wanted to have or have had. It’s because of the easy way we can style it and a sharp look it offers even with that low maintenance. Going Ash Brown with these Lob is a plus point as it looks like an effort.

Low Balyage Ash Brown

Adding Ash Brown to your Balayage can be an excellent choice, but you should surely consider bleaching if your natural hair is darker in the shade.

Soft Highlights in Dark Roots

The thin highlights to your wavy hair create an illusion of inner coloured hair and also with the thickness of your hair. These are great for your sincere work as a teacher or even a student.

Black to brown to ash

The hair is representing the burning of the black coal that creates a flame with brown and then turns into ashes. Burn hearts of people with the look.

Presence of Red

The Ash Brown doesn’t have the shade of red and golden colour in them, but as the light changes, you will go through different colours of hair in you.

Patches of Gold

You will have two differently appearing hair on the sun and dark lights with the Ash Brown. The sun makes patches of gold on the waves.

Down Ash Brown Waves

If you have a naturally light brown hair with the warmer tone features, you are at the right place for the Ash Brown hair.

Soft Ash Brown

If you have a soft and sensitive skin like the Asian have, the Soft Ash Brown hair is for you. Your eye colour will determine if you have a dramatic or normal look.

Ashy Twist

Are you a rider? The rugged ash look with a hint of bright lights for feminism and the bold leather jacket can be your go-to appearance.

Side Twisted Medium Ash Brown

The Medium Brown colour is the most natural looking hair. The light green eye-colour gives an in-depth look with the Twists.

Illuminating Soft Highlights 

If you bleach your hair and make it into lighting ashy, the contrast it creates with the darker lumps of hair makes you look like a comic hero. Go with stirring smokey makeup to match up with the look.

Balyage Waves

Balayage technique helps you to create the contrast of colour with your hair, and if you go with curls, you will have the advantage of thick hair look.


The glossy and shiny look with the Ash Brown giving a metallic texture is classy. Showcase your makeup skills with the hair.

Brown Ash Wavy Lob

Bring the wild child inside you out with this playful ashy curls. You can also showcase your colourful eyeshadows skills to give a dramatic appearance.

Blonde Ash Brown

The darker brown dissolving into lighter shades with the fair skin tone makes you look beautiful yet straightforward. Apply the natural lip colour to go with the flow.


How dark do you like your coffee? Give a hint to the people around you about your self through this Espresso hair-do. A spec can give a impressive look.

Bluish Sombre

The Bluish Sombre look is fantastic with the roots creating lightest purple shade due to the reflection of the blue hue. Considering makeup skill is important to heat-up the appearance.

Caramel Brown

The Caramel Brown with the white highlights looks like the dark chocolate with a hint of milk on it that I always crave. If you are fond of desserts, show your love for it with the hair-do.

Platinum Highlights

If you want more maturity with your appearance, the platinum is your choice of colour, but you surely need to have excellent makeup skills to go with it.

Touch of Light

The highlights of ash added to the hair imitates a look of hair with the shine of  light on it. You will rock a natural makeup with it.

Cool Ombre

The platinum to your ends as an Ombre is one of the relaxed hair for the summer and the beach days with your loved ones. Pair-up some light coloured bikini with your look.


The Ash Brown can also be brightened up to look like a sun-kissed hair. Wear everyday makeup to cancel the brightness if you think its excess.

Metallic touch-up

If you are going to a pub or a dance club, shimmer yourself with this Metallic Touch-up to stand out. Add glitters to your makeup for more glam.

Silky Ash Brown

The silky hair is good for giving a neat and subtle look. The middle partition is a classic way for your hair division. The people with angled facial structure will look good with it.

Sun Rays

Create patterns of the sun rays on your hair to brighten up your dull dark hair.

Light Brown

The Light Brown is the most comfortable hair-colour for your official work, and it works with any outfit.

Silky Ash Brown

Some people like their hair straight and silky whereas some like their hair wavy and voluminous, If the silk is what you prefer, you should glam up with the Silky Ash Brown.

Chocolate Brown

The overlapping extended wavy chocolate highlights to the ashy ends is gorgeous. Whether its a huge party or just a family gathering, its never going to look over the edge.

Tint of pink

Adding pink to a dark hair is difficult unless you bleach it or use another colour that can turn pink. The pink gives the girly vibes.

Styling Ash Brown Hair

The appearance of a styled hair differs with colour as well as texture. The wave with the Ash brown is a great combination, and the half-braids also showcases the shades and waves.

Blonde Ash

There is the mixture of the blonde in the brown that creates this Bronde Ash hair. It goes well with the fair complexion and brown eyes person.


The ashy edges to the shaggy-cut embellish the shagginess of the hair more and create a large aperture.

Blue Dark Brown


The hair shows the example of putting blue to the blonde and golden hair that gives the bluish colour on down hair and greenish-brown hue on the roots respectively.

Tint of Blue

The warm colours give the hint of a comfort zoned person, so a tint of blue won’t be harmful if you want people to think you are a chill person.

Blue to Green

The flowing curly brown hair drops to becoming a tint of blues and light ashy green.

Milk Choco

Choco’s are the best thing I could have as a child and if you love it as I do, get your hair done with the chocolates. Make the people turn their heads with the look.

Painted Ash

The shiny and smooth appearance of the brown roots into an Ashy waves makes it look like a decorative oil painting.

Light Golden Ombre into Grey Ash Brown

The Light Golden Brown hair becomes the Grey Ash Rolls with a flow. The blonde can get caught up with the Ash, but the dark remains the same.


Grey has been a fashion. Instead of some bright colours, people prefer dullness because it makes you look intense and smart.

 Auburn Ash Ombre

The Ombre starts from half portion of the hair like managing the hotness and coldness within you.


The ashy shade to the dark brown in your hair is like the iced-latte coffee to you that always keeps you on mood.

Dark Brown Ombre into Ash Brown

The Dark Brown Ombre transfers into a light green kind of ashy shade due to the colour.

Ash Ombre


Ombre is the trend this year. So, change your black hair into this Ash Ombre to go with the fashion.


The mixture of blonde and brown gives this Bronde colour, and the bronde with the layers is beautiful.

Light Brown Neck-length hair

The neck-length hair is the hairstyle for you if you want a long hair but want low maintenance as it is not too short and is long enough to braid or try on other styling techniques.

Full Ash Brown


Are you up for a party? With the nude makeup and this Ashy Brown get a natural look making people wonder how you are that perfect.

Blue Ombre Ash Brown

Unleash your love for the marine with this Blue Ashy Ombre Look to look like a Mermaid.

Blue Ash Brown Ombre

The highlights of blue of the ends make you look like you have superpowers that deals with the water.

Half-up Ashy Knot


The Half-up Ashy knot is most useful for those who are not comfortable with keeping their hair loose open but still want a delightful look.

Face Framing Ash Ombre

The Ombre has a face-framing fringe that compliments the cheeks and has an edgy end that flaunts the appearance.

Ashy Bronde

The hair is the combination of the blonde, brown and black hair that is showing off the moody hue.

Ash Brown with black roots

The two drastically different colours are brought into consideration with the addition of brown creating the Ashy look.

Buttery Ash Brown

The buttery brown dissolves into the clean platinum with the increases in the curly texture of your hair. If you want to be flooded with compliments this is the one for you.

Metallic Highlights

Give metallic highlights to your dull ashy hair to give a touch of shine to the darkness. It compliments your clean facial tone.

Messy Ash Brown

Effortlessness is the key of worth for today’s busy world. So, the Messy Ash Brown can be the knockout as it is simple yet artistic.

Blue flames

The blue highlights on the brown hair look like the flames which are caused due to the ionisation of the molecules.

Ashy Ombre

Ombre can be too intense and over-done sometimes but this is fruitful for those people who have hair that grows faster.

Natural Ash Brown

To keep up with the natural look, the best thing to do is to colour the whole hair with the same shade of the hue.

Fine Ash Brown

The straight hair with the mixture of dull yet most excellent colours giving a little hint of blue in it is fantastic for your upcoming classy event.

Creamy Ash Brown

The people getting old with the grey hair need not worry about it as the contrast with the colours is getting trendier day by day.

Blue on Blonde highlights.

The dark hair transfers into a golden blonde and then some tint of blue is added on it to give some chills. If you are up for a date, get this unique hair-colouring technique.

Ashy Baby Highlights

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The whole ashy look can be daring for some people. So, little highlights won’t be harm, and you will rock the Ashy Baby Highlights.

Smoky Waves

Smokey eyes have been on the industry for a long time and now its the time of the smokey-hair.

Graduated Lob

If you have already had the bobs with your brown hair and still want to do short hairstyles, you should probably go for this Graduated Lob that is classy and messy at the same time.


As the fashion industry is inventing different ideas to keep up with the changes, hairstylists are trying various ways to mix-up the colours to give their innovative hair-colour shades. You see your friends hair-colour and go with the same tone to get it, but it doesn’t turn out to be the same because as mentioned above on the second paragraph there are various factors to consider before you colour your hair. For example: if you have a warmer tone with blonde, yellow, orange, etc. hair colour and want to have cooler tones and then you add the blue in it, but instead of the cool blue it turns out to be green. It is because your blonde pigmented hair mixes with the bluish shade to give green.

Hence many shadows can be formed mixing different hues which is a plus point for the enthusiastic people but a disadvantage for those who need a specific colour.

Once you have come up with the hair colour, you want now you should know about the do’s and don’t to keep up with the hair colour. Follow these steps to get fashionable hair-do.

  • Firstly, you all know about all the conditioning, moisturising your hair needs.
  • Since you will go with the heating styling techniques to get better looks. So before that, you should wear a heat protecting spray.
  • Always use another option of heating like hairspray for curls and straightening or braiding for waves.

If you have some ideas to add to the galleries for Ash Brown hair, we will warmly accept your recommendations. If you are enthusiastic enough to see new results, break the rules with the colder and warmer tones and bring out new shades to bring out a new trend.

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