105 Elegant Examples of African Braids

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Hair Doesn’t make the woman, but good hairdo help. After all, it’s her richest ornament. The right hairstyle can make a plain woman elegant. Black women have always remained a symbol of strength, and a model for other women.

Following, we are going to show you while they have great strength, they don’t have any lack of looks. Yes, the following picks will show you women with great hair that will put anyone from Brazil or Venezuela to shame. So, its time we celebrate their beauty.

african braids

Cornrow Braids

MakeupMariaa owned cornrow. Eventhough she is focused on her makeup, her hairdo never fails to impress us. Hit her on Twitter for more!

Ghana Weaving

The girl deserves a glam award for her unique “masterpieces”. We couldn’t find what its called but we will commend her efforts.

Experimental Cornrows

The girl has a flair for braids. Goddess Braids, Top Bun, or Braided Crown, or Wild colors, she nails everything.

Side Braids

@Victxoriaa seems to be in love with her braids, so are we!

Accessorized Braid Updo

Top Bun: Check

Accessories: Check

Takeover the World: Under Progress

Side Part Braids

If only braids could kill! Girls, that’s how you rock a casual look.

Cornrows with Simple Hair

Wait, is that Kylie Jenner? No, my bad! That’s just Cardi B’s little sister.

Box Braids

Thin Dreadlocks? Thick and Long Braids to captivate you. Patrick Swayze literally wrote the song “She’s like the wind” for her!

Front Cornrows

Front Cornrows featuring a maze.

Hair Style Level: Goddess

Cuteness: Out of this word

Thick and Long Braids

I don’t know what’s shes showing off, her nails, hair or smartphone, but isn’t she damn rocking?

Long Braids with Top Bun

If Cleopatra was reincarnated today, this is what she would look like!

Ariana Grande Rocking Long Brands

When did Ariana Grande got black? Well, she is still classy!

Waist Length Dreadlocks

Nicki Minaj doing a coke commercial. We couldn’t recognize her because she is not wearing anything crazy.

Side-Part Braids

Yet another great example of how side-parted cornrows with well-kept plaids and a little dice of makeup can make you look fab!

Side-Part Braids

Yet another great example of how side-part cornrows with well-kept plades and a little dice of makeup can make you look fab!

Braided Top Ponytail

Girls, This is how you accessorize braids while looking classy

Messed Bun with Mid Part

The curly hair looks great with the mid part. But we still can’t figure out she needs a tree of life on her head?

Thin Braids

Don’t worry, the boy with the woven braids isn’t Willie Nelson’s grandson. So just chill!

Braided Crown

Cardi B. she got sassier? Her date will be impressed by the big crown.

Crisscrossed Braids

This is what young Gamora looked like without the makeup. Tough Girl, still smiling after Thanos abducted her.

Cornrow Mohawk

Don’t be afraid, she doesn’t have a crab on her head. It’s just a simple variation of cornrows and mohawk. BTW, we loved those earrings!

Braided Crown

Beyoncé knows how to rock braids. I don’t know what is sassier, her crown, cat eyes or her smile?

Golden Braids with Side-part

The Beauty Queen here has a nice fusion of Mohawk and golden braids that go along as pig-tails. That’s how you rock plaits today!

Golden Braids

Who said you can’t dye braids? Yes do it tastefully and you will leave the whole world in awe!

Cornrows with Streaking

Girls, don’t mistreat your hair because you see what it does to your scalp. Look after your hair.

Cornrows with Streaking

Girls, don’t mistreat your hair because you see what it does to your scalp. Look after your hair.

Bob-cut Braids

If you think you can’t get a bob cut with braids. Think again because she just proved you wrong (that smile though)

Accessorized Braids

You might say she overdid it, but damn she looks stunning. This what dressed to kill looks like.

Dreadlocks Crown

She looks gorgeous with her dreadlocks crown, and she did a fabulous job pairing it with animal print. That’s double tough!

Accessorized Braided Ponytail

Simple is better, but who says you can’t take over the world with just a few accessories?

Blond Braided Pigtails

Before we commend her hairstyle, check that swag! Ain’t nobody classier than her. Oh yeah, nice hair baby!

Spiderweb and Dreadlocks

Guys, this is what Whoopi Goldberg looked like before she voiced Shanxi in Lion King.

Cornrows with Braided Ponytail

Minimal Cornrows with Braided Ponytail, Besides a classy hairstyle, she got killer eyes!

Simple is Better

The girl rocking a simple braided hairdo is killing it! Who said you can’t look sassy while being simple?

Spider-web Braided Crown

She’s got it all, spiderweb, check. Braids, check. Top-bun, check. Hair Dye, wait for what? And she still looks classy? Damn girl!

Cornrows with Curly Ponytail

If you haven’t seen anyone with both braided and curly hair, here she is. Doesn’t she look fine?

Thick Dreadlocks

She’s got style, the white tank, dreadlocks, earrings and those eyes, man anyone would fall for her.

Pink Top-buns and Pigtails

She’s got some guts and style because no one else could rock these altogether.

Braided Mohawk

Don’t worry, it’s the same girl with the crap on her, just a better angle though.

Braided Mohawk

Don’t worry, it’s the same girl with the crap on her, just a better angle though.

Braids and Ponytail

Top cornrows and thick pigtails and braids extension, we’ll say she passed.

Cornrow Pigtails

Yet another example of how a simple hairstyle can upstate your look. Less is more people!

Pink Braided Crown

This Beauty Queen needs no crown, she has her hair.

Small Braided Ponytails

You don’t need mean looking dreadlocks to command respect. Look at her, doesn’t she look confident with her small beats!

Waist-length Dreadlocks

If you have thick hair, and you want to show off your prowess, you better make dreadlocks out of them!

Top-Crown Braids

If you have Rapunzel’s long hair and you don’t know how to manage them, take tips from her.

Bob-cut Dreadlocks

If you want to look sassy with short dreadlocks, let her be an example for yourself.

Waist-length Braids with Accessories

Afraid to accessorize your long hair, don’t be. Just cling them to the tips and you will be fine. Check her out!

Neck-length Braids

If you have thin hair and you want to braid them, this is how you nail it. Does she look she care even she has thin hair?

Braided Half-Ponytail

She nailed the half ponytail. Although we would love if she accessorized but she looks good.

Cornrows with Top tail

We love how she handled the hairdo. Its one of the classiest variation we have seen so far!

Braided Bun with Small Pigtails

Braided Pigtails never stop to look cute, look at her, she is rocking everything from a bun to braids with beads.

Golden Braids

Thin braids with a nice hat? Who said you can’t wear a hat with braids?

Crisscross Braided Pigtails

The hairstylist got talent. Her hairdo is perfectly matched with her earrings and tops. Damn, she is styled to kill.

Thin Shoulder Length Braids

Kim Kardashian Rocking thin braids, we have to admit she knows how to handle plades.

Front Braided Puff

We admt, that’s a first. In fact, we never thought we will see a braided puff, and that too in pink. Thanks!

Thin Braids

Just a better shot of Willie Nelson’s Grandson support thin braids. Did we forgot to mention its golden? Kids, this is what you get when you smoke too much weed, you forget things.


Length Braids- A modern reincarnation of Rapunzel, But she doesn’t look she is fed up because of hair, That’s a nice change.

Side Parted Braids

I think I saw her on Disney. Anyways, she is supporting a sideparted top with waist-length braids.

Accessories and Extensions

If you want to kill it with accessories and hair extensions, this is how you can do it tastefully.

Golden Wrapped Top Tail

I think we are falling for golden locks because she looks mesmerizing.

Bob-cut Thin Braids

Hello Angel! Even if your daughter has thin hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t make braids out of them, look at her!

Side-parted Cornrows and Braids

This is rather a modern take on both cornrows and braids. We can’t help but call it awesome!

Zigzag Cornrow and Pigtails

We admit her pigtails are a bit messed up but doesn’t she look cute?

Side-parted Waist-Length Braids

If  only Captain Jack Sparrow had a classier female version, she would look like this.

Sideparted Cornrow and Braids

The thin variation of cornrows and braids is just awesome.

Curly Braids

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have perfect braids, look at her! Isn’t she rocking?

Curly Braids

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have perfect braids, look at her! Isn’t she rocking?

Braids and Ponytail

This Instagram star has her own variation of braids and ponytail and we love it!

Golden Braids and Bun

The golden bun and braids are gorgeous. She is Gold Baby!

Thick Cornrows and Dreadlocks

She has thick hair, and she knows how to handle them. Kudos!

Cornrows and Top Bun

A sassy version of how to look sassy with just a top bun and cornrows.

Red Braided Top Ponytail and Tattoos

Queen of the Damned is back, and she looks like she isn’t going down this time!

Spiderweb Pigtails

If you want to give your daughter a rather interesting hairdo, we hope this will do!

Neck-Length Braids with Accessories

Before anything, isnt her smile gorgeous. Yeah, her hair, simple, short, and beautiful.

Toptail Dreadlocks with Thick Cornrows

Wait, what’s that thing hanging by her head? Sorry, it’s just her top-tail.

Braids with Golden Streaking

We didn’t know Tupac had a Twin-Sister. Well, she has the same smile as he did.

Braids with Minimal Accessories

You don’t need to overkill with accessories. Just a few clips on your braids will do the trick.

Side-part cornrows and Braids

If you don’t want any jewelry and want your hairdo to be the center of attention, this is how you pull it off even if you have thin hair.

Thin Dreadlocks

This beauty is rocking a black tank top with thin dreadlocks and nude makeup. We can’t help but fall love with her!

Pink Controlled Afro

Who said you can’t look funky with a controlled afro? Look at her, what does she teach you?

Color Variations

Afraid of dying your hair? Look at her, she seems fine. Take courage from her!

Cornrow Pigtails

Twice the pigtails, twice the beauty. It seems she isn’t done with her makeup but she is already winning hearts.

Corn-rows and Ponytail Braids

Sorry, we got lost with how classy she looks with those aviators and earrings. She is bringing back the 70’s!

Double-lock Top Bun

Yep, a braided top bun was not enough for her. So she decided to double lock it.

Waist-length Braids

You don’t need makeup when you have killer hair. Once again, a girl killed us with her simple but dashing looks.

Cornrow Mohawk

Who said Mohawks can’t look cute? Look at this little Princess, and her big heart!

Golden Braids

She was in line to play Ayesha in Guardians of Galaxy Volume 2 but she refused to change her hair. We support her decision.



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