61 Popular 90s Hairstyles Which Are Gorgeous

Every era has its charm and style which captivates the people around that time and create a changing fashion statement for the next generation. We’ve seen the various hairstyle which has changes according to time as 90s hairstyles are our favorite. 90s hairstyles are one of the iconic looks in decades. The beauty trends were fun, and that era haircut is famous after a TV show characters. Those styles have lasted for many years and are still in fashion. The crimped hair and rough cuts were famous which used various freakish accessories which includes butterfly clips, large scrunchies, crystals, and other unique accessories.

If you were born in the ’90s, then you were growing up looking at various iconic styles and celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Melissa Joan, and Jennifer Anniston. How can we forget about the famous Rachel haircut? I was obsessed with that hairstyle. The signature look of Rachel during the time on Friends is the balanced style with crooked pieces which made all the girls go gaga over the haircut. We can look at the previous and present hairstyle which shows that some of the styles are still retained or are modified. 90s hairstyles were throughgoing regarding fashion styles as hip-hop culture was gaining popularity at that time.

So, to take you back into the memories, below are the 90s hairstyles which were most popular in that time.

Curly Hair Buns

If you’re searching 90s hairstyles for curly hair then this hairstyle is for you. The double buns in the top match perfectly with the blonde hair color which has the black color base. It gives you a stylish and chic look for your girls night out.

90s hairstyles

Zulu Knots or Mini Buns

This look created a stir in the fashion industry. We all know that Gwen Stefani is a style icon who create a hair trend in the ’90s with her Zulu knots. She wore these mini buns in red carpet with her signature blonde hair abd red lipstick which made everyone wondering how to get this look. The modified version of this look is the second bun trend.

Curly Bob 90s Hairstyles

Curly Bob is one of the popular 90s hairstyles from that era which gives you fresh and bubby look. These hairstyles are suited for the women who have round and oval face structure.

Super Straight Hair

Super Straight Hair is an evergreen hairstyle which can go with any outfit any facial features. After a perfunctory trend of curly hair in that time, everybody needed a break and a new haircut. Then the super straight hair was in fashion.

Double Buns

The messy double buns give you a chic style which is suitable for any casual outfit. These look can be carried out with a simple no-makeup look with some neck accessories which adds charm to this hairstyle.

Side French Braids

Braids from the two side give you a cute look. The two braids falling on both sides separates from a middle partition which stops hair falling in your face.

Mysterious Look

If you want to sweep all the attention from the crowd then this hairstyle is for you. It is one of the elegant as well as a mysterious look.

Scarf Headband Look

It is one of the iconic 90s hairstyles where the scarf is used as a headband. These looks are famous among both the men and women where they used a scarf in their hair to make this stylish. We can still see various Celebrities such as  Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid flaunting this hairstyle.

Hair Accessories

We can see the use of various hair accessories which complements the look so well. The accessories used between the strand of hair which adds a different charm to your hairstyle. It was a fashionable look of 90s hairstyle.

Voluminous Curls

Do you remember this hairstyle from ‘Pretty Woman‘? This hairstyle got popular when Julia Roberts flaunt this hairstyle at that time. It is an ideal hairstyle for the girls who have a natural curly hairstyle.

Classic Bun

The voluminous bun at the back of the hair gives you a classy look and make you stand out among the crowd. The pouf is made in the front section of the head, and it uses hair accessories or pins in the side of the bun.

Loose French Braid

The braid starts from the front side of the head which continues to the half end, and a low ponytail at the end out of the twist. If you have got a long straight hair then should try this hairstyle for your college or school look.

Red Velvet Srunchie

The half up-do look is in the ash-grey hair which main limelight is the Red Velvet Srunchie. Big scrunchies are one of the signature 90s hairstyles which are even famous nowadays.


Loose Updo Hairstyles

This loose updo is the easiest and stylish hairdo for the girls out there. If you want to get this look like Perry Edward then go for it.

90s hairstyles

Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail helps to keep hair away from the face and give you a chic look. These 90s hairstyles are famous among teenage and college girls. It is one hell of a simple haircut. You have to take all your hair at one side and tie it at one part.


Animal Print Scrunchie

Scrunchies were the huge thing during the time of 90s hairstyles. Various small, large scrunchies were in the fashion which were available in different plain colors, prints. One of the famous types was animal print scrunchie which complements the hair bun well.


Curly Hair With A Butterfly Clip

Look at the young Mila Kunis and her hairstyle. These 90s hairstyles are so beautiful to flaunt which matches perfectly with the makeup and eye color. The butterfly clips add a lot of charm to the mid-length curly hairstyle.

Partial Highlights

We all are a huge fan of Alicia Silvertone and this hairstyle of course. The partial highlights bring fun and contrast to the look. The highlights or dye is done at the end of the hair and gives you a sexy look.

The 90s Bead Hairstyles

This bead hairstyle gives you all shiny and glamorous look. It uses different colors of beads in different strands of hair which helps you sweep all the attention from the crowd. The beads attach in the hair with the help of hair glue.

Phoebe Inspired

Yes, We are very big fans of Friends and Phoebe. Phoebe is one of the popular characters from Friends who was very famous during the ’90s. Every girl has tried this hairstyle at that time and it is a piece of great news that this hairstyle is back in town.

Braid Party Look

All the rubber bands in the hair and glitter in the face gives us a proper vibe of the ’90s. This party look is fun and stylish at the same time.

Double Step Twirls

If you are a fan of braided hairstyle, then you should try this hairstyle as soon as possible. This double step twirl is one of the versatile 90s hairstyles which may look complicated but with some practice, you can ace this hairstyle.


Triplets Bun

Two different partitions made from the hair root where each bun is formed in each side which gives you a versatile look. The look finishes with winged eyeliner and nude lipstick. It gives you a hip-hop look and makes you look beautifully different from others.

Wild Curls

Wile Curls and perms were one of a considerable part of 90s hairstyles. It is a fun hairstyle which suits in facial features of every woman. These hairstyles give a voluminous look and are an ideal hairstyle for a date night.

Butterfly Clips

The ’90s was all about the hair accessories whether it is butterfly clips, crystal or whatever. There was a huge popularity of those accessories at that time. The butterfly clips can be used to hold back bangs, ponytails or half up-do. It is one of the stylish and practical accessories.

Side Messy Bun

The messy side bun with the big scrunchie is one of the classic 90s hairstyles. The half updo hair look gives you a casual vibe. This hairstyle goes well with denim pants and a plain t-shirt. You can wear shades according to your preference.

Cat Buns

Are you a cat person? Even if you’re not then also you can try this hairstyle once in a while. The messy bun gives you a chic look which is suitable look for the girl’s night out or a total party look.

Middle Partition With Double Ponytail

The side bangs in the front of a face give you cute 90s hairstyle with a double ponytail. The Ponytail at each side separates with a middle partition. This hairstyle is suitable for a small girl as well as teenage girls.


90s hairstyles

The Box Braid Hairstyle

The box braid hairstyle is the modified version of the classic braid. Likewise, you can get this look by creating a box braid with four strands of hair which are combined to form a square,box-like structure. This particular look can go well with the hairbands and scrunchies.

Stylish Look

It is 90s inspired hairstyle which gives you a chic and elegant look. This hairstyle suits women with oval face structure.

Crimped Hairstyle

Hair Crimping is a way of making tiny, sawtooth waves in straight hair which were quite famous during that era. This look can get by braiding your hair when it is wet and leave it for overnight, or you can get this look by using crimping iron also. Stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera helped to make this look popular.


Curls and Straight

You are confused about whether straight your hair or curl it? Then, opt out for both the options. It is one hell of a hairstyle which gives you a versatile look. It adds the element of both curls and straight and sweeps all the attention from the crowd.

High Ponytails

If you want to try signature look of 90s hairstyles, then start with high ponytails. This hairstyle is classy and cute at the same time. If you don’t want your hair get into your face, then you should try this hairstyle with matching colorful rubber bands.

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Side Zipper Tail

It is the most hairstyle look which every girl should try once in a while. This look is messy yet cute, and the side zipper tail gives you a rocking vibe which complements with the top bun.

Mini Buns With Pins

The mini buns are not closed with rubber bangs but bobby pins are used to manage the loose ends. These 90s hairstyles give you a chic and bold look. Therefore, This hairstyle can go in fashion with the neck choker.

Twisted Fall Braid

A strand of braided hair from side adds a lot of twist to the simple hairstyle. A twisted fall braid brings different charm to your face and helps you to look fabulous.

Long Wavy 90s Hairstyles

It is one of the amazingly beautiful 90s hairstyles. You can style this hairstyle on women with any facial features, and this look goes out with any outfit you like in any event. The light wave at the end of the hair gives you glamorous look.


The Rachael Style

The Racheal Style is one of the most iconic looks from the ’90s. This hairstyle, as well as Jennifer Anniston, rose popularity from the show named Friends which we all love. Every woman at that time was obsessed with this style and hairstylists were giving women this version of square-layered bouncy cut.

90s hairstyles

Bohemian Styles

It gives you all the hip-hop vibes which are a perfect hairstyle for summer. If you want to get a hairstyle which is sexy and bold, then you should try this hairstyle as soon as possible.

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Beautiful 90s Hairstyles

The college includes the beautiful hairstyle for the ’90s which are back in fashion. All those straight, edgy looks are the iconic hairstyle which gives you a subtle yet stylish look.

Cute Bob

Bob will never go out of fashion. It is one of the evergreen hairstyles which is easy to make and manage yet still gives you an attractive look. We can flaunt this hairstyle with the curl at the end.


Winona Pixie

This hairstyle famous by the name of Winona Ryder as no one can bang a pixie style as she can. This hairstyle is super short cut yet a fun and go-to look. This ’90s look inspired women to cut their hair and bring something new in their style.

Front Braided Styles

The front braided styles give you a cute look where the back end of the hair is kept loose. This look compliments your makeup and eye-color.

Spiky Style

Spikes were a huge part of 90s hairstyles. If you want to go versatile with your look, then you should try this hairstyle. It gives you a different look and adds charm to your style.

The 90s Hairstyles With Bobby Pins

Look at those white bobby pins at each side of the hair which remind us of that era. These might be of 90s hairstyles but we can various celebrities such as Bela Hadid flaunting this hairstyle in the street with the matching outfits.

Girly Up-Dos

Guess where we got this hairstyle from? Yes, it is from the ’90s. At that time Pop stars like Spice Girls made this look famous by flaunting them beautifully. Girly Up-dos were generally formed sleekly back and were curled and pinned at the top.

Blonde Fishtail Braids

Fishtail Braids goes well with short hair as well as long hair. It is one of the subtle 90s hairstyles which keeps hair away from the face and give you a relaxed look. Therefore, you should try this hairstyle in the coming summer.


High Ponytail

The 90s Hairstyles were all about scrunchies, and we are still obsessed with it. The high ponytail which is supported by the big scrunchie hence gives you all the ’90s vibe and makes you look cute at the same time.


Dutch Braid With Buns

The combination of braid and bun in a hairstyle is what we need in our life. It is one of the famous 90s hairstyles which is flaunted by various celebrities. The mix of lace braids and top bun give you a chic look.

These all 90s hairstyles were long-gone but not forgotten as that era was influenced by various hairstyles such as bob, pixie, crimped hair, long straight, voluminous hairstyles. And the good news is that all these hairstyles are still in fashion and ready to rock the trend. The ’90s was an iconic era which was mainly famous for TV series, movies, and hairstyles. You can try 90s hairstyles if you are bored of the same regular style. This hairstyle gives you fun and stylish look which you can flaunt with your girls out there at the weekend. You can choose hairstyle of your won from the above pictures and give it a try.

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