102 Fascinating 70s Hairstyles To Look For in 2021!

One of the most iconic things we still remember and value about the 70s is its hairstyles. As you remember the events of the 1970s, we can say that it was the year of change. Feminism came into light and it boomed as well. Along with the rise in feminism, new hairstyles were discovered. Ladies became familiar with many new hairstyles. So, here in this article, we have plenty of the 70s hairstyles for women which you will love to try. This article contains all kinds of hairstyles; for long hair, medium hair, and short hair. Even if you have straight hair or curly hair, we have got the 70s hairstyles that would look perfect on you. If you are looking for African American hairstyles in the 70s, we have that too. So, ladies, you have everything you need right now, a 70s hairstyle for each one of you.

The hairstyles of the 70s were creative and innovative that’s why it has left its mark on many generations till now and many more generations to come. We will discuss all of those hairstyles that are still done in 2019. Some modify those hairstyles to give a modern touch whereas some ladies like to do the traditional 70s hairstyles. Let’s discuss each one of them.

Stylish Bangs

70s hairstyles

The noticeable feature of this hairstyle would be the bangs. The hair has a beautiful blonde color combined with black. This is the ideal hairstyle for beach looks.

Make Waves

This hairstyle has blunt bangs having wavy ends. Two big waves are created in her hair which is making her look edgy. This 70s hairstyle is sophisticated. The styling of tee and jeans with this hairstyle is looking amazing. If you wish to look this good, I recommend you to wear the 70s hairstyles with the wardrobe of the 70s.

Two Buns Hairstyle

This hairstyle is also famous among little girls also. Parents usually love to give this hairstyle to their little girls. It is one of the hairstyles of the 70s that is loved in 2019 also. To get this hairstyle, keep arched bangs and then make two buns as shown above. Keep the rest section of your hair open. Look how gorgeous your hairstyle is looking.

Keep It Curly & Messy

Keeping your long, curly and voluminous hair open was another way of styling your hair back in the 70s. This hairstyle is still in trend at many events.

Bridesmaid Hairstyle of The 70s

This is the bridesmaid hairstyle of the 70s. If you are looking forward to carrying the traditional bridesmaid hairstyle of the 70s, then don’t miss this hairstyle.

Add Hairbands

We can say hair bands as she has to make your hairstyle easy and comfortable.

Shoulder-length Curly Bob

You can maintain a shoulder-length curly bob for the coming summer season if you want to look stylish and at the same time, do not want to waste your much time in styling your hair.

Feathered-Layered Curly Bob

It is one of those 70s hairstyles that we have seen on the TV shows and the commercials. Do you remember most? Give your hair a feather-layered cut. Cut it into a shoulder-length bob. Do the middle partition of your hair and flaunt your curly feather-layered hair.

A High Pony Style

This hairstyle is for the one with long and wavy hair. The color of the hair is looking fantastic. Take a front section of your hair to make a high ponytail and leave the rest section of your hair open.

High Updo

A high updo like this was mostly famous during the 70s. If you want to do this hairstyle then, don’t hesitate to try it out.

Side- Swept Bangs With Long Messy & Wavy Hair

Her hair is long, messy and wavy. The hair with the side-swept bangs looks magical. You must try it out to see how magical you will look with that hairstyle, makeup, and a white dress.

Simple Middle-Parted Hair


She has simple middle-parted hair. Her style is simple. The hair is of medium length. Her hair is straight with waves at the front section of hair.

Voluminous Curls

She has blonde hair with voluminous curls. The curls look beautiful and gorgeous.

Blonde Highlights In A Short Black Bob

She has short black bob hair, and she is looking gorgeous with the blonde highlights. The ends of her hair are curved to give her an edgy look.

Forst-Blue Hair In A Feathered Cut

She has feathered cut hair, and the frost blue color is looking gorgeous on her. This hairstyle looks ageless.

Undercut Section Of Hair

The hair at the back is undercut and shaved to make a hair tattoo as shown above. The hair tattoo is looking adorable on her hair.

Side Braid Paired With Low Ponytail

Make a side-braid as shown above. Secure the hair with a braid to make a low ponytail. Her long natural blonde hair is looking marvelous on this hairstyle.

Make A pouf

She has layered cut hair. To do this hairstyle, make a pouf at the front section of your hair and let your hair open.

Middle-Parted Curly Bob

Do the middle partition of your curly bob hair. The roots of her hair have black color, and the rest of the hair has a beautiful blonde color. Her make-up is also exceptional with a star made in her face.

Bob Hair With Wispy Ends

This hairstyle looks promising. She has blunt bangs with wispy ends and a straight bob hair with wispy ends. Look! How beautiful her hair is looking.

Hairstyles For Asians

She has long wavy bangs with a shoulder-length curly hair. If you have a shoulder-length hair, doing this hairstyle would help you look elegant.

Add Some Waves & Curls

Her hair is long. She has middle-parted her hair and has added some waves and curls along the length of her hair. She is looking magnificent in her hairstyle, makeup, and sexy dress.

Tanned Hair

Color your hair like this and keep arched bangs to look like her.

Daffodil Yellow Color

Color your whole hair with daffodil yellow color. The result would be amazing if this color would suit your complexion.

A Side Pony Tail With Side-Parted Bangs

This can be your everyday hairstyle for work or casual wears. Keep side-parted bangs, make a low pouf and pull all the hair to make a side ponytail. This hairstyle looks cute and is super comfortable. You can do this hairstyle for morning walks, sports events, etc.

Rolled Hairstyle

This hairstyle gives the illusion of hat in your hair while the truth is that’s only the hair.  If you like this hairstyle, you need to have short hair, above your shoulder. Roll the ends of your hair upwards to give an illusion of rolled string around your head.

Make A High Ponytail

She is looking adorable, isn’t it? The arched bangs look perfect on her. She has made a high ponytail and has used a cute hair band to secure it. Everything about the hairstyle is beautiful, the hair color is excellent and so is the hairstyle.

A Short Hair

If you do not want to maintain long hair, then try keeping a short hair this season. Summer is coming around, its the best season to have short hair.

Keep It Straight, Sleek & Open

Keeping your straight and sleek hair open is another way of styling your hair. You do not need to do anything- just do the middle partition and let your hair open. Pick the right shade and go out!

Gorgeous Bun With Blunt Bangs

This hairstyle is usually for wedding events. Keep blunt bangs and make a gorgeous high bun as shown above. Be the beautiful brides and the bridesmaids.

Shoulder-Length Straight Bob With Wispy Ends

This hairstyle was famous during the 1970s and is still celebrated in 2019. The love for this hairstyle has not changed.

The 70s Hairstyle For African American

This hairstyle is for African Americans. If you like her style, just do it.

Hair Matching The Shape Of A Face

You must have noticed how the hair which is long and wavy is matching the shape of her face. There are curves where there should be, and she is just looking flawless.

Layered Bob

She is looking beautiful in that short bob hair with ringlets.

A High Updo – Model Style

If you want a gorgeous photo with the 70s hairstyles then it hairstyle would be a picture perfect. Not only models, but you can also carry it well with confidence.

Ponytail Of The Front Section Of Hair

This hairstyle is looking cute and gorgeous. If you are looking for some cute and adorable hairstyles, then mark this hairstyle. This one is for you.

Braided Style With Bangs

Keep bangs as shown above and make a braid like a hair band. This style is edgy.

Use Ribbons To Make A Small Pony

Gather the front section of your hair with a black ribbon to make a high ponytail and leave the remaining parts of your hair open.

Messy Style

Middle-part your medium length hair. Let your hair have layers, waves, and curls. Keep it messy. Having messy hair is a trend nowadays.

Old 70s Hairstyles

This is the old 70s hairstyle for a party. If you want this as your party looks, give a modern touch to this old yet rocking hairstyle.

Messy & Wavy Layered Bangs

It is one of the edgy 1770s hairstyles. The bangs are cut in a layered fashion and are kept messy. Cut your hair in layered fashion up to the section above your ears and then keep a medium length hair.

The 70s Hairstyles For Magazine Cover

This is one of the 70s hairstyles that the model used to wear for the photo shoot of a magazine cover.

The 70s Hairstyle For Thick Hair

If you have thick and long hair, then this is the hairstyle you should pick.

Style For Medium Length Hair

If you want to keep a medium length hair, then this hairstyle is the one you should look forward to.

Messy Bob Style

The messy bob hair, makeup, and that dress is bang on.


Use Scarves As A Hairband

Using Scarves as hairbands were the way of styling hair back in the 70s. She has used an orange scarf to make a hairband and her overall style is appealing.

 Ash Colored Hair

The hair has a beautiful ash color.  Keep short, blunt bangs like her and a medium-length ash brown colored hair. Do perfect make-up and slay in any outfit you like to wear.

Add Braids

You can style your straight open hair by adding a braid at the front section of your hair.

Let Your Glossy Hair Open

Cut your hair in layers like hers’. Her hair is glossy and silky. If your hair is smooth, silky and bright, keeping it open would add beauty to your hairstyle.

Messy Blonde Hair

Messy hair is another way of styling your hair.

Medium Wavy Hair With Short Fringes

She has a medium wavy black hair with short fringes. The fringes add style to your hair. Her hair is of medium length, so it is easy to maintain.

High Updo

The hair looks thick and voluminous. Do a high updo like her. This is usually done by models. But if you want this hairstyle, then I suggest you do it.

Rounded Bob

This is a rounded bob style where the hair is waved as shown above.

Medium-length Straight hair with bangs

This hairstyle is simple and cute. If you are looking for some cute but straightforward styles, then this one is for you.

Creating Waves In Hair

You can create waves in your shoulder-length hair as shown above starting from the mid-way. Then, keep your terrific open to flaunt the waves in your hair.

Simple Black Bob

If you want a simple bob for your black hair, it will look something like this.

Wear Hats

Wear a hat to add style to your straight bob with blunt bangs.

Use Scarf As A hairband In A High Ponytail With Bangs

She has a high ponytail with bangs. Use a scarf as a hairband to make your look stylish. Look, how beautiful her hairstyle is looking.

A Ponytail With Side-swept Bangs

Keep side-swept bangs and make a ponytail. Add flowers as she has to your hairstyle. You are sure to look beautiful and classy.

The 70s Hairstyles For Models

The hairstyle and the make-up is bang on. The red hair and that make-up look interesting. Everything about her overall style is coordinated and the coordination looks terrific.

Hot Style

She looks hot in this hairstyle. Doing this hairstyle is easy, there is nothing much that you need to do, just have a hair cut like hers’.

Gorgeous High Updo

As you can see above, all of the sections of hair are gathered at the top to make a gorgeous high updo.

Sweet Styles

This is one sweet style. She has long and wavy blonde hair. Do the middle partition of your hair and let your hair open as shown above.

Make A High Ponytail Of A Top Section

This is a hairstyle which almost anyone can carry. Take a top section of your hair and gather them to make a high ponytail. The hair is curly and gorgeous.

Gorgeous Hairdo

The hairdo looks gorgeous in straight hair. Add a black hair accessory like hers’. The combination of the hair accessory and the hairdo is looking gorgeous on her.

Stylish Haircut

Her haircut looks amazing, isn’t it? The haircut is the most attractive feature of this hairstyle.

Short Bob

She has short bob hair having layered hair cut. The hair is side-parted, and she is looking stunning.

Voluminous Crimped Hair

The hair is crimped, and it looks impressive. The hair has got great volume. Middle-part your hair and put a bob pin as shown above to secure your hair.

Braids In Creamy Pastel Hair

She has creamy pastel hair. Everything about her hairstyle is amazing. Take a few sections to make a few braids as shown above. This hairstyle makes you look magically beautiful.

Short Hair Style

If you are rooting for short hair looks, this has to be one easy and beautiful hairstyle you shouldn’t miss.

Give Your Hair A Volume

This has to be one of the famous 1970s hairstyles. You must have seen many ladies with this hairstyle in TV shows and commercials of the 70s.

Gentle Style

She has magnificent rolls in her hair. Make a pouf and secure it with a hair clip as shown above. With this hairstyle and a white dress, she is looking magical.

Unique Style of the 70s

This is one of the unique 70s hairstyles. She is looking unique and beautiful with this hairstyle. There are many hair accessories that you need to replicate this hairstyle.

Cute Hair Updo

This hair updo is making her look cute. The makeup compliments her hairstyle, and as a result, she is looking amazing.

Layered Hairstyle

The hair at the top is cut in layers. The bangs are curved and kept messily. She has long wavy hair.

The 70s Beach Style

If it is a beach day for you and you are looking for some beach styles of the 70s, then we dedicate thsi style for you.  It looks super cute.

Use Ribbons For A Hairdo

You can use ribbons like this to secure a half ponytail. Use ribbons instead of a hair band give a different touch of elegance to your hair.

Styles For Black Women

Most black women have natural hair like this. They can style it like her to get the most from their hair. This hairstyle is looking gorgeous on her. If you plan to go for a party or something, try out this hairstyle.

Blue-Frost Highlights

Her hair looks fabulous on the frost blue highlights. She has layered cut hair, and the highlights on the layers are looking sharp and edgy.

Styles For Schools

If you are a school going girl or you have a sister or daughter who goes to school, this hairstyle is ideal for them. It makes them look smart and beautiful as well.

Show Your Beautiful Face

Show your beautiful face by doing this hairdo. Just keep a section long bang in the front and do this cute updo.

Styles For Long Hair

If you have long hair, do this hairstyle. Make a pouf like this and let your wavy hair spread its magic.

Professional Style

This is a corporate look. She is looking beautiful in this hairstyle and the blazer.

 Hairstyle For A Long Curly Hair

If you have long curly hair and you are confused about what to do with your hair for the next outing, we suggest you do this hairstyle. It is simple, and it flaunts your gorgeous curls.

Hairstyle For Vacation Mood

It’s a beautiful summer day, and you are in this style. Imagine how beautiful you and your day would be!

Beautiful Hair Band

The hair band that she has used is looking beautiful on her. Consider using the fancy hairbands sometimes.

Sweet Style

Her hairstyle looks cute and sweet. This hairstyle would look fantastic on gowns, but it can look good on any kind of dress.

Wild Style

A lot of hair accessories has been used to style her. Usually, models do this hairstyle for photo shoots.

Crimped Hairstyle With Traditional Touch

If you love crimped hair and want to give a unique touch your crimped hair, try this one. She has used lots of beads and traditional hair accessories in her crimps.

A High Updo In A Bob

This lady has a bob but with a high updo.

Use Handkerchief As A Hairband

Make a high bun and wear a big earring. Use a handkerchief to make a hairband. You would look dope.

Simple Hairstyle With Bangs

Keep blunt bangs and keep your hair open. Done!

Rolled Hair

Her hair has beautiful rolls. If you do not like to keep a hair band like her, you can ignore it.

Celtic Copper Long Hair

She has a beautiful color in her hair. She has long and beautiful hair. Do the middle partition of your hair and let your open hair look beautiful.

Beautiful In Yellow

She looks beautiful in yellow hair and a yellow dress.

Bold & Sexy Style

Everything about her is bold and sexy. Her hairstyle, make-up, dress, everything is wow.

Short Pixie Bob Style

The 70s hairstyles had an old form of pixie bob as shown above. If you love to try different styles of pixie bob, you should try it out.

Bold In Black

What’s beautiful about this hairstyle is the haircut. The haircut is fabulous. It is suitable for almost every event; for corporate meetings, dates, prom nights or the casual day out.

Princess Style

If you want to dress up as a princess and look like a princess, do this kind of 70s hairstyles to add more to your style.

Black Hair Bands

The black hair band is looking terrific on blonde hair. Bring the contrast of colors while styling your hair and you would look vibrant and beautiful. Many 70s hairstyles used to include hairbands.


Simple Style From 70s Hairstyles

It is one of the simple ways to style your hair. This hairstyle used to be famous in the 70s.

Long Wavy & Rolled Black Hair

She had a long wavy and rolled black hair. The hair looks silky and smooth.

Long Straight Black Hair Style

She has a long straight black hair. She is looking adorable in her open hair.

Stylish Haircut

What’s stylish about this hair is the haircut. The hair is given beautiful layers and edges.

Long Arched Bangs

You can also add bangs to add style to your hair. Hairs with bangs look stylish.

Add A Pouf

Add a high pouf as shown above to style your shoulder-length hair.

Gorgeous Bangs

Her hair has volumes, hair is straight with some curves, and the blunt bangs look gorgeous. If you have thin hair, make sure you use various methods to give volume to your hair.

Carefree Style

Do this carefree hairstyle. This hairstyle is looking gorgeous.

Blunt Bangs Style

Blunt bangs are one of my favorite bangs. They give added beauty to your hairstyle.

Effortless But Beautiful

She is looking effortlessly beautiful in this simple hairstyle.

Simple Hairdo

This is a simple hairdo for long curly hair.

Braided Styles

You can maintain a braided hairstyle like this. Braid a few sections of your hair and gather all parts of your hair along with the braids to make a ponytail.

Let your Hair Open

She has a thin, medium-length hair and she has let her hair open. She is looking beautiful in her open hair.

Therefore, these are the 70s hairstyles to look for in 2019. You can modify these 70s hairstyles, try it on as it is or make some modern twists to them. These 70s hairstyles have been famous from then to till now. Many ladies love to style themselves by bringing the positive energy of the 70s.


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