Words by Laura Perm-Jardin

Pat Perry is an enigmatic youngster and self described illustrator, painter, writer and dreamer. Upon discovering Perry’s vast and versatile body of work I expected the creator of these experimental and surrealist masterpieces had honed his craftsmanship through a long and profitable career. I was surprised through learning from brief cameos of his quirky time-lapse videos that Pat Perry wasn’t a greying aficionado of the fine arts, but a young and tentative creative genius (I feel as if his age remains undisclosed to add mystery and intrigue, solely relying on his artistic flair to impress, instead of his youth)

Perry hails from Grand Rapids in Michigan where the he uses the ‘lands of the north, colourful people, music and ordinary streets of the Midwest’ to inspire him. Although he’s most moved by his home town, he frequently travels around the states through his preferred modes of transports – hitch hiking and freight train jumping. He’s hopped trains through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, West Virginia and Kentucky as he believes traveling is the best way to liberate himself from the illusions of his own small life. The results of thousand five hundred miles of risqué travelling and several rolls of film later paint a unique and romantic portrait of some of the characters of the American West. He describes his work through all mediums to be honest – instead of romanticising the mundane he is compelled to record the special people and moments he encounters on his travels.

His career in freelance illustration has attracted big name clients Threadless and Urban Outfitters, as well as many unique smaller pursuits. He discovered his passion for the illustrative arts whilst working as a designer in a humble web designer firm. After a while it became evident where Perry’s passions laid and he quit his job to make art full time and hasn’t had time to look back since. His work can only be described as an eclectic and dreamy mix of mediums, pensive philosophical concepts and painstakingly detailed and complex pieces. Experimenting by combining traditional fine art techniques with modern influences his hand crafted fervor is unique amongst the sea of digital manipulations. It’s mesmerizing to watch his time lapses capturing his calculated and complex artistic process, he makes every brush stroke seem almost effortless.

Although it may seem to some that Perry would have exhausted his artistic options through his extensive portfolio, Pat believes his fine art style to be changing and evolving rapidly. He predicts that his next batch of paintings will be completely different from what he’s ever created, constantly changing mediums and subject matter. He is virtually boundary-less in each field he chooses to adopts, already having mastered the pursuits of photography, illustration and painting he aspires to one day make a film. Afire with the passion fueled by his travels and the exuberance of youth sky’s the limit for Perry.

Take a deep drink of Perry’s world at http://patperry.net/
and be sure to indulge in his time lapse paintings (http://vimeo.com/35884668)