Words by Chloe Cooper

It seems unfair that someone so young can boast such an incredible body of creative work; Almost cruel to those of us still struggling to master our mediums. However, to explore Olivia Locher’s extensive photographic series’ is to become lost in a fantastic dreamland rendering it impossible to hold any sort of jealously or resentment, only to be filled with awe and inspiration.

At just 21 Olivia is currently studying photography in New York, although her passion was sparked years earlier. As a home schooled teen with too much time on her hands for daydreaming, the quaint woodsy town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania proved to be the perfect environment for developing her photography skills. Initially drawing on memories of childhood innocence and isolation, her work still shares underlying feelings of obscure identity, curiosity and intimacy.

One of her more recent and intriguing series Another Day on Earth appears to be an interpretation of a subject we all know well at the moment - the impending end of the life as predicted by the ancient Mayans. Olivia insists that the series was more of a chance for her to play. “It’s a bunch of different things, but mostly it’s about bringing my hands into my photographs by involving different mediums. I love building sculptures so involving them in my work is something new and exciting for me.” She explains,“Colour studies are another thing I’ve been exploring in this body of work. All and all it’s still unfinished and I’m in the process of figuring out what it’s all about.”

Olivia’s approach to photography is a breath of fresh air in today’s popular over-saturated digital photography, preferring to use film rather than digital cameras and minimal Photoshop so as not to change the natural images too much. Although most of her work is very art based, Olivia has found herself becoming more drawn to fashion photography. Shooting fresh-faced models in her studio at least twice a week, the process of watching her models bloom in front of the camera in order to capture their personalities she describes as a wonderful experience.

With no set goals for the future, Olivia admits that she is just happy to be constantly creating. But with so many projects constantly on the go and her body of amazing work growing at a steady rate, it’s quite clear that this ambitious young creative will achieve great heights.