Words by Madeleine Russell

PITCH prides itself on finding and highlighting fantastic young designers around Australia. Hunter Ryan Douglass is no exception to this. He combines flawless photography with graphic design to produce a truly unique and futuristic approach to the concept of fashion photography. The result is something that differs completely from the stereotypical fashion image. There is no clutter, no over exaggerated posing, no ridiculous styling or make-up. Rather the images are simple, not to the point of bland but to the point of chic and modern. The model stares directly at the camera and captures the audience through the life in their eyes. The styling is beautifully done and the lighting is almost impeccable.

Hunter’s evident graphic design background infiltrates the majority of his images. The colour blocked but semi-transparent shapes that overlap take the image from fashion to art. In some sense it almost makes then seem unrealistic but as if they are perfectly crafted paintings or perfectly drawn sketches. Regardless of the aesthetic to which these images belong it is undoubtedly succinct that Hunter Ryan Douglass is a front-runner in modern fashion photography.