Words by Anne-Louise Hill

The warm weather came upon us early this year and our bodies and wardrobes are sweating to keep up with the rising temperature. The maroons and mustards of winter past are being replaced with limes and yellows, fuchsias and ocean greens. Leading the way on this tropical change of fashion is leading and much-loved Melbourne designer, Lisa Gorman.

The Brisbane boutique, located in between Aesop and Zimmerman on Adelaide Street, opened in 2007 and is hard to miss with the new fruit-salad designed windows of hanging paper strawberries, bananas and grapes. Brisbane is lucky to have just the one store. Unlike Melbourne, where Gorman has 7 stores and its own sale outlet, we rarely need to be worried of running into an outfit mirrored by another on the street.

Each new ready to wear collection is gradually released over the weeks coinciding (and only a few handpicked outfits are put together for the look book) and now this year’s spring/summer collection has arrived in full and, in its entirety, is a deliciously bold assortment of clothes for the girl wanting an edge over the rest.

Including their first line of 50’s-inspired sunglasses, the range of affordable swimwear is bound to motivate you to tone up, if you haven’t begun already, and includes suits for all body shapes. From the halter neck one piece with geometric cut outs to high waisted two pieces to mix and match, the colours and designs will catch your eye… Trouble is just stopping at one poolside look!

The main collection has safari-inspired prints and lightweight coats, dresses with a retro cut that could have come straight from Mark Ronson’s ‘Bike Song’ film clip and enough colour and dare in the tops, skirts and shoes to chase away those rainy days our wet season will be bringing us.

Gorman has a knack for picking up trends early, or even first. Remember the desert boot/heel/wedge shoe from the beginning of this year? Still doing its rounds on many pairs of feet today, Gorman designed a desert heel for last year’s Autumn/Winter collection and became one of the only stockists in Australia for Hobes’ handmade leather desert booties.

The trends you’ll have been starting to see elsewhere have been a key feature of Gorman’s current collection; you’ll notice the bright greens and fuchsias (also seen at the recent leading fashion weeks) sprinkled throughout. This colour palette will become a popular choice on the streets this summer.

Gorman are consistently designing styles true to their brand, and with focus on environmentally sustainable design with their Gorman Organic range, don’t be surprised when you keep going back to add another bold and beautiful piece of their wardrobe to your own.