Words by Hannah Morrison

When Christie Morgan invited several creative types to the first ever PITCH magazine photo shoot at North Brisbane’s ‘Old Petrie Terrace’ run by the YMCA it was confusing. Visions of school camps and going to the gym immediately sprung to mind. YMCA? Don’t they make you do activities? Would there be time to do the photo shoot between dinner and lights out? So many questions, so little brain. Despite the early call time and possible threat of exercise, we all showed.

As it turns out the location was parkland with stunning views of the Dayboro and scattered with barely standing old shacks, rickety fences, a lone church and chickens. So while make-up artist Jessica Reilly worked with the stunning Abbie and Iris from Busy Models, stylist Bianca Blades and fellow Blogger Kellie Pembroke of Sargasso Sea threw together killer outfits courtesy of Cinderella’s Closet Clayfield and Zomp shoes.

Talented photographer Andrea Jankovic scouted the grounds for appropriate ways to torture the models, otherwise known as good spots to shoot and we were all set! The grounds had an abandoned feel that provided the perfect (if a little creepy!) backdrop for our run away themed shoot. What followed was a mixture of laughter, pouting, spider webs in hair, wood fired sausage rolls, balancing on tree stumps, raining leaves, swimwear and mosquito spray.

The result? Well, we lived, and there's pictures to prove it.