Words by Savannah Young

On Hold is the latest and greatest edition to the repertoire of Parisian video collective AB/CD/CD. This enticing video is set to the track ‘Real Love’ by Factory Floor, with the repetition of the clips shown, mimicking the looping beats of the music. Vocalist and guitarist of Factory Floor Nik Void was heavily impressed by the finished video creation saying “It’s not far from how our music works, it gives space in the viewer’s own mind to imagine and conclude what the context is about.”

‘On Hold’ is knowingly a juxtaposition of audio and sound as the viewer experiences both notions simultaneously. The clip opens with a man walking up stairs and as the video continues so do the separate stories involved. The short repetitive scenes create the emotional content of the story, whether it is the heated lovers, the focused tennis player or the violent criminal. Although separate from one another all of these dynamics intertwine and evoke the poetics in the narrative episode.

The electronic music fused with the clever loop editing counteracts with the saying of where ‘words fail, music speaks’. This is a clip not to be missed by any short film lovers, it will have you feeling edgy and uncertain all the while leaving you intrigued and buzzing for the rest of the day.

‘On Hold’ brings ordinary things and twists them into something extraordinary. It somehow relates each seemingly ordinary event to the next, without the viewer even noticing. This is due to the fact that we as the viewer concentrate on the end result rather then the journey by questioning such things as ‘what is at the top of the stairs’? We center our concentration on this question and are oblivious to everything else. The music and bazar imagery shown appears even somewhat hypnotic and acts as a platform to our imagination.

This short film is a testament to the creative works of AB/CD/CD and will both seize and test your imagination. Our only word of warning is to prepare yourself for ‘On Hold’s’ inescapable captivation.